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Chapter 9: Relax in Joy

You also remember “Mara, Mara,” but there is no density in your remembering. You do it slowly and at great intervals. You say “Mara” once, and then repeat it again after a long time, so they are not linked together. The sound of “Rama” will only be created if they are linked together rapidly. Then the remembering of death will itself become the remembering of Rama, of God. This is the first thing to be remembered before we move into the sutras of Kabir.

The second thing to remember is that no matter what you have in this life, nothing is useless. It is possible you may have been unable to arrange things in your life properly, and so no harmony is produced from them; it is possible you may not have been able to time things properly, that you may not know the art of beautifying your life; it is possible your life may be upside down, but if you master the art of tuning it properly you will find that nothing you have is meaningless. Everything is useful. Not even the smallest thing in life is useless - it cannot be. How can anything be useless? It is all the gift of the great existence from which life is created, of the great existence which has given life to us as a gift.

It is possible your understanding of life may be incomplete, that it may be faulty, but speaking truthfully, nothing in life is useless. There should simply be proper planning and arrangement, proper harmony. As you are, there is much disorder, much noise in you. But if a musical expert were able to catch hold of all these noisy sounds he would use them to produce harmonious music, to create a sweet and pleasing song. Through them, he would pour out his heart.

You have everything already, except this art of arranging things correctly. Were you to know this art your anger would be transformed into compassion, but you are ignorant of this art and so compassion itself is turned into anger. If you know this art your hatred is transformed into love; if you do not know this art all your love will sour into the poison of hatred. You can turn a friend into an enemy or an enemy into a friend in the same way. It all depends on whether you know the art or not. If you don’t know the art of life, “ours” becomes “others”; if you do know it then “others” becomes “ours.”

No one else is ever responsible for anything that is wrong in your life. The fault lies somewhere in your arrangement of things. So don’t slander life, you will gain nothing by it. When you slander life you are severing the limbs of your body, and they have been very useful in life. When you realize it later on, you will be sorry to see that you have made yourself crippled. Nothing is worth throwing away. If any limb, if any part of life is giving you trouble, understand that you have arranged it badly. Put it in its proper place and the trouble, an uneasiness, will disappear.

You are restless and uneasy, and the whole reason is because you have your ears where your eyes should be, your hands where your eyes should be and your legs where your head should be. You are standing on your head. This is the cause of your uneasiness.

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