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Chapter 7: Arguing with the Ocean

But even if there is tremendous desire and longing for growth, it will happen in its own time. Your longing cannot arrange that the spring comes a little sooner, but it can keep you awake - so that when the spring comes, you are not fast asleep and dead.

The seed has to continue to dream, desire.has to remain discontent as it is, because this is not its destiny, it is only a potential - otherwise it is empty. Everything is going to happen in the future, so it has to be alert, hopeful, aware of the unknown, listening to the footsteps of the spring coming. And on the other hand it has to be patient, because there is nothing it can do to bring the rains or to bring the spring - they will come in their own time.

So if the seed can keep a balance between patience and impatience, it will remain alive, and it will also not go mad. Too much impatience can make you insane, and too much patience can make you one of the living dead. Both are needed in the right proportions: a deep harmony between the contradictions, so they are transformed into complementaries.

On the spiritual path a deep harmony is needed with every step - a little imbalance and you will be lost. And that’s what your religions have been teaching you: they have been teaching you imbalance, not balance. They have been telling you to choose between two contradictions.

I say unto you: Never choose.

Remain choiceless. Both are yours. Use them - and use them in such a way that they both create a beautiful music in your heart. It looks very strange to say, but nothing can be done about the mysteries of life.

I can only say - even if I appear to be very contradictory - be patiently impatient, or be impatiently patient - but be both.

A few years ago I asked you a question, with great fear and trembling: “Osho, is it inevitable that I will go crazy?” And now, beloved Osho, at last it has finally happened: I have gone crazy.
Thank you, Osho, thank you.

That’s great! Rejoice in your craziness!.because in this world, where the whole of humanity is insane, to become sane looks as if you have gone crazy.

Some criteria have to be remembered: if your craziness brings you more joy, more intelligence, more silence, more peacefulness, more understanding; if your craziness dispels darkness from your life - darkness of jealousies, anger, rage, violence, destructiveness; if your craziness becomes a light unto yourself.then all the buddhas in the world were crazy.

And it is better to be in the good, crazy company of Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Nanak, Mahavira, than to be in the so-called mob, millions of people who all think that they are not crazy. One has to be very clear-cut: if Gautam Buddha is right, then the whole world is crazy; and if the whole world is right, then of course Gautam Buddha is crazy.

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