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Chapter 4: Spread the Rumor!

Kahlil Gibran says: Two lovers are like two pillars of a temple - they support the same roof, but they stand separate; together as far as supporting the same roof is concerned, but utterly separate as far as their own being is concerned. Be pillars of a temple, supporting the same temple of love, the same roof of love, yet rooted in your own being, not distracted from there. And then you will know both the beauty, the purity, the cleanliness, the health, the wholeness of aloneness, and you will also know the joy, the dance, the music of being together.

There is a beauty when somebody is playing a solo instrument - a solo flute player - there is tremendous beauty in that. And there is also beauty in an orchestra. And love knows both together: it knows how to be a solo flute player and it also knows how to be in rhythm, harmony with the other.

There is no contradiction in reality - the contradiction appears only because you have a certain idea. Drop the idea and then where is confusion? Confusion comes only out of conclusions. If you have a conclusion already and then life appears as something else, you are confused. Rather than trying to fix life, drop your conclusions.

Never function out of conclusions! - that’s what I go on repeating every day to you: don’t function from the state of knowledge. Knowledge means conclusions, and all conclusions are borrowed. Life is so vast that it cannot be condensed into a conclusion. All conclusions are partial. And whenever the part claims to be the whole, it creates a kind of fanaticism, orthodoxy; it creates a dull and stupid mind.

You say, “Having to be total and yet having to remain a witness, a watcher.seems to be very paradoxical.”

It only seems, the paradox is only apparent; otherwise, to be total is to be a watcher. Whenever you are totally into something, a great awareness is released in you - you become a witness. Suddenly! Not that you practice witnessing. If you are totally in it.one day, dance totally and see what I am saying.

These are not logical conclusions that I am giving to you: these are existential indications, hints. Dance totally! - and then you will be surprised. Something new will be felt. When the dance becomes total, and the dancer is almost completely dissolved in the dancing, there will be a new kind of awareness arising in you. You will be totally lost into the dance: the dancer gone, only dance remains. And yet you are not unconscious, not at all - just the opposite. You are very conscious, more conscious than you have ever been before.

But if you start thinking about it, then the paradox will come. Then you will not be able to manage, and you will become very confused.

Experience it. Whatsoever is being said here is to help you to experience. I am not handing over to you any knowledge, any information - just a few hints to taste the multidimensional qualities of life.

You say, “It seems paradoxical.having to be drowned in love and yet be alone.” It is not - it only appears. But you seem to be too much attached to your conclusions; hence the idea arises: “Am I getting conned?”

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