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Chapter 4: Discover Your Own God

Priests and politicians are in a conspiracy to exploit people, and the best way to exploit people is to destroy their intelligence. Of course, people like Bertolt Brecht cannot support such religions. These religions have enslaved humanity. They have not helped people to be free, to be independent, to he their own selves; on the contrary, they have reduced them to slaves; in the name of religion they have created great prisons. And the strategy is subtle - very subtle, very cunning. The basic strategy is the same one used all over the world by all the religions.

The first and the most fundamental principle of that strategy is: destroy people’s love for life, love for joy love for celebration. Once people s roots are cut away from existence they start shrinking in themselves they start losing the sources of nourishment. Their whole being becomes poisoned.

They cannot really escape from life - nobody can really escape from life. Even the people who escape to the mountains have to depend on people who work in the marketplace. Nobody can really escape from life. The people who have gone into the monasteries are dependent on people who live outside; they depend on their support.

If all the world, if the whole of humanity renounces life, it will be committing a global suicide. The Buddhist monk has to beg from those who are not yet monks. The Christian monk has to live on the donations of the people who are still in the world. Nobody can really escape from life while he is alive; it is impossible. But your sources can be poisoned. You cannot escape from life and you cannot live your life totally. You start feeling guilty about being alive: you start feeling as if to be alive is a sin. You start cutting your life as much as you can; you start living at the minimum. That too you accept only as a necessary evil.

That s why laughter has disappeared, wholeness has disappeared. People look sad; their existence has become meaningless. They are uncreative; they are in a kind of limbo, neither here nor there. This is what your religions have done.

I am in agreement with people like Bertolt Brecht. I am also not in support of the so-called religion and spirituality. But I cannot agree totally with Bertolt Brecht for the simple reason that whatsoever religions have done, that is not the work of true religion. The true religion has yet to arrive, the true religion has yet to he born. Be against Christianity, be against Hinduism, be against Mohammedanism, be against Buddhism - I can agree - but don t be against religiousness as such because that means you have made organized religion synonymous with religiousness; it is not so. Condemn the priests, condemn the Pope, condemn the Shankaracharya, but don’t condemn Buddha and Lao Tzu and Jesus and Mohammed. They have contributed immensely to man’s inner growth; they are absolutely creative. Of course, they have been interpreted by wrong people, but what can they do about it? They need people like Bertolt Brecht to interpret them.

So I can agree with Bertolt Brecht up to a certain point and then we part. The so-called religion has to be eradicated from the earth because that is the only way for the real religion to arrive, for the authentic to arrive, but the authentic religiousness cannot be condemned. If you condemn it, then the result will be this.Tim Green himself says in his question:

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