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Chapter 8: The Turtle

Domestic animals go mad; living with man is living with something unnatural. In the wild no animal commits suicide, no animal goes mad, no animal murders. But with man even animals turn unnatural, they start doing things they have never done in the wild: they become homosexual, they become neurotic, they murder, and sometimes they have even tried to commit suicide.

What happens when you bring a dog to your home? You immediately start teaching him, as if he lacks something. He is perfect! Every dog is born perfect. Nature has given him everything that is needed; he is already equipped, you need not teach him.

What are you doing? You are trying to make him a part of human society. And now the trouble starts: now even the dog will learn to condemn himself. If he does something wrong, inside he feels guilty; condemnation has entered.

I have heard:

It happened once that a bum, a beggar, caught hold of a rich man and asked for a dime, just for a cup of coffee. The rich man said, “You seem to be healthy enough, why are you wasting your life? Why don’t you go to work and help yourself?”

The bum said, with very deep condemnation in his eyes, “What! To help a bum like me?”

You are continually not accepting yourself. From the very beginning you have been taught that nature is not enough, you have to be more than nature. And you have tried, and that effort has failed - it is impossible, you can never be more than nature. And if you try too much you will be less than nature. You can never be more than nature because nature is perfect: nothing more is needed, no polishing is needed, no effort is needed to make it better - it cannot be made better. But if you try too much you will fall from the perfection of nature and you will become a neurotic animal. Man comes from animals, but he is not a higher animal. He has become a neurotic animal.

And the problem is that nobody teaches you to accept yourself and to accept your nature. Worship it, be thankful to the divine for it, be grateful to the whole! Whatsoever has been given to you has a meaning, it is significant; you cannot cut it down and change. If you try, you will be in trouble. And you are in trouble - everybody on this earth is in trouble.

Why does man condemn himself? Why can’t he accept nature? Because through condemnation the ego is created. There is no other way to create the ego. To create the ego you have to fight. To create the ego you have to condemn something as bad, and applaud something as good. To create the ego, first you have to create a God and a Devil, and then you have to fight with the Devil and try to reach the God. A conflict is needed for the ego. If there is no conflict, there cannot be any ego. Just think.if there is no fight within you, if you accept yourself totally - you are happy as you are, deeply content, deeply satisfied, not even a single note of complaint, thankful - how can the ego exist? How can you say “I am”? The more you fight, the more “I” is created.

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