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Chapter 6: Nothing Is Lacking

Wherever rules are given, remember - the man himself has not attained freedom. If he has attained freedom then he will know, he must know, that freedom starts at the first step. It is not something that happens in the end; it begins from the beginning. You have to sow seeds of freedom, then only will you be able to harvest freedom, liberation, nirvana.

“Why can’t we let one another be?” Because you are not. You are a non-entity. You yet exist not. You are just a dream, and that too very hodgepodge. You don’t have yet any integration, you are not one. You jump on others, whosoever falls under your territory - your children, your wife, your husband, your mother, your father, your friends - whosoever is available to you, you jump and crush his or her freedom. Once you have crushed the freedom you feel at ease; now there is no danger.

If you really want to give freedom to others, you will have to begin at home. Everything begins at home. Be free, become a being. Enjoy this tremendous freedom that life gives to you. Don’t follow any rules. Just follow one thing, and that is your awareness. And let your awareness decide each moment fresh what is to be done.

There is no need to function through memory and through past knowledge, experience. Just function with fresh, virgin knowing, virgin awareness. And then you will see how beautiful it is to be free, and then you will see how beautiful it is to live with free people. Because to live with prisoners is to become a prisoner oneself.

Have you watched? A jailer is not a free man, cannot be. A jailer is more jailed than the prisoners. If you force so many people to be prisoners, how can you be free? That enforced imprisonment reflects in your being also; you become a prisoner yourself. Never enforce any imprisonment on anybody. Allow freedom and you will be free. You be free, and you will be able to allow more freedom. They work together.

“Why can’t we just simply accept ourselves and others just the way we are?” Because you have been conditioned to reject, not to accept. You have been conditioned to deny, you have been conditioned to say “no.” You have not yet known how to say “yes.” You have been conditioned to condemn. You were condemned and the same you are doing to others. You go on condemning yourself also, and of course the same you have to do with others. You cannot do otherwise.

Your parents were telling you, “You are wrong, this is not right, this should never be done,” and a thousand and one times they have repeated it. And you have gathered one message: that you are not accepted as you are, you are not loved for your simple being.

If you fulfill their desires they love you; their love is a bargain. If you follow them like shadows, they appreciate, they approve. If you just become a little free and you try to be an individual, they are against you - their eyes, their behavior, everything changes. And every child is so helpless - just to survive he has to be political, he has to accept whatsoever the parents are saying.

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