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Chapter 21: Confess to the Stars

I have heard about one young psychoanalyst who was a novice under Sigmund Freud. They were coming out of the office when the young man said, “You are so old.I am wondering. I’m young and healthy, but I get tired listening to all kinds of nonsense - and we are not supposed to interrupt. So we have to just be there, and they go pouring all their garbage on us, one by one; this goes on the whole day. You are old and you have done this work your whole life. I wonder.what stamina you must have?”

Sigmund Freud said, “Forget all about stamina. Who hears? The moment they start talking, I start thinking of my own theories, taking notes about my own theories just to avoid them. Let them.they are simply talking to themselves. I’m only an excuse - I’m just present, they feel they are talking to me. But it is tremendously helpful because when they go out they are fresh, they have thrown out much rubbish. They are freed from many unconscious wounds; they are cleaner, as if they have just taken a shower.”

But in the whole world there is not a single man who is completely psychoanalyzed - for the simple reason that you may unburden yourself twice a week, and give a tremendous amount of money, but in the remaining five days what are you going to do? You will again collect the same junk.

Your questions come out of the junk that you have collected in your mind. It is a different way of confessing: neither God is brought into it, nor is the forgiveness of God brought into it because those are absolutely fictitious - and I don’t want you to be dependent on any fiction. I want you to be absolutely independent and to be yourself. That’s why instead of confessions I ask you to bring questions. And a confession has to be very long and is unnecessary. A question can contain the essence of a long conversation.

My effort here is not to answer your question, but to destroy it. So it is a totally different thing than whatever is happening elsewhere in the world. People answer a question to solve it - I answer a question to dissolve it, to get rid of it, to destroy it so that it never bothers you again.

You are right: it is not just your conditioning that makes you feel as if you are confessing when you start writing the question. It is certainly your conditioning that reminds you of confession, but every question is a confession - whether you are a Catholic, or a Protestant, or a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, or a Buddhist, it does not make any difference. Your question shows your ignorance. People hide their ignorance, and by hiding they collect their ignorance. By collecting and hiding the ignorance, you cannot get rid of it; you go on becoming more and more ignorant.

As you grow older you become more ignorant because you become aware of areas of which you don’t know anything. The child is the least ignorant - he’s innocent. He has not entered on the path of knowledge, or ignorance - which is the same path. As you grow older, you start accumulating knowledge to hide your ignorance. You borrow knowledge to hide it, to cover it up; but the covered ignorance does not make you wise - it simply shows your stupidity. Your so-called wise people are full of nothing but ignorance - covered with beautiful, borrowed knowledge.

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