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Chapter 8: A Rebellious Intelligence

It is not a coincidence that all the great painters, poets, scientists, musicians - people who have touched the highest peak of intelligence in some dimension - most of them go mad, most of them commit suicide. Strange! We have created really a strange world where idiots are normal and geniuses are abnormal; where idiots don’t go mad, where geniuses go mad, suffer all kinds of mental torture. And the old therapies try to put them back, to force them back into the ordinary retarded humanity.

Of course they are a minority, so naturally they think something is wrong with them. Among millions of people who are retarded, to be intelligent is really unsafe. It is insecure, it is dangerous. Where people are living below the mental age of thirteen - that is the mental age of the masses - to have more intelligence than them is going to create trouble for you. They are the society, you are just an individual - helpless.

My effort is to make these people aware that their sickness is significant. They need not feel embarrassed; they should really rejoice, because they have intelligence - enough intelligence, more intelligence than the ordinary, normal people. That’s why they are having trouble. They cannot adjust with the society; they feel misfitting everywhere. That’s what gives people the idea that something is wrong with them.

The reality is just the opposite. They are the right people, but they are in a very small minority. The majority is stupid but it is the majority, and your so-called therapists are simply serving the vested interests.

So, my effort is to give you confidence that your sickness is symbolic, that you don’t have a retarded mind, that you should not feel bad about it. In fact, you should feel grateful to existence because you have raised questions which ordinary people don’t raise. You have created problems in your life which ordinary people don’t create. And because you did not fit with the majority, the masses, the crowd, they denounced you as mad.

The Freudians and the Jungians and the Adlerians all accept that idea that you are mad and you need treatment. And their whole treatment is bringing you down to the lowest common denominator in society.

My effort is just the opposite: first to make you feel relaxed about your situation; to make you recognize that the society is sick, not you; that the society needs a change, a revolution, not you. If you do not fit with the society, the reason is not that you are mad. The reason is that you have enough intelligence that you cannot fit with all these retarded people.

Secondly - which is even more important - my therapy helps you first to regain your confidence, your self-respect, the understanding that nothing is wrong with you; but this is only the groundwork. Then the real work starts. Once you are free from all the ideas that the masses have given to you, the psychologists have given to you - everybody around you has forced you to believe that something is wrong with you; first we have to clean all that nonsense and make you self-respectful. Then begins the real work: meditation. Therapy is only preparing the ground. It is not enough; it is just to undo what the society has done to you. Once it is undone, once you are unburdened, then the real work begins - the exploration into your own interiority.

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