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Chapter 10: Please Wake Up

If you cannot think that will is your path, and you cannot think that surrender is your path, then I will say: confusion seems to be natural to you - let that be your path. But be confused totally; don’t be halfheartedly in it. Be so totally confused that nothing of knowledge remains in you - no certainty, no security, no scripture, no religion, no belief. And I say it to you because I myself worked on the way of confusion.

Of course, when the total confusion comes closer to you, you will become more and more mad. You will not know what is what. Then courage will be needed, tremendous courage is needed. Sufis call it a technique: “the technique of confusion.” Confusion uproots everything that you know, leads you into emptiness, a darkness. When all knowledge is dropped, how can confusion remain?

Just listen to it: you come to me, you believe in God and I say there is no God - then there is confusion, not because I have said there is no God, but because you believe that there is God. Now there are two conflicting things in you: a part of you says there is God, another part has become convinced with me that there is no God. Hence, confusion. Confusion means conflict. Confusion means you have two sorts of knowledge which are going diametrically opposite, which are pulling you apart.

For the future, the technique of confusion is going to become more and more important. It was never so important in the past, because a Hindu was born a Hindu and he never bothered about Christians and Mohammedans and Parsis and Jainas. From the very beginning he knew that he was right and everybody else was wrong. A Mohammedan was a Mohammedan, and he knew the truth is in the Koran and everything else is just nonsense. The Christian was a Christian, and he knew the way went through Christ and there is no other way; all other ways go to hell.

It was absolute certainty - based in ignorance, and I am not in support of it - but there was no confusion. There was certainty and everybody was happy with his certainty. Certainty is very dangerous; nobody has achieved truth through certainty. But people were more comfortable, it was more convenient. Mediocre, stupid minds felt very good that they know. The very idea that we know, that we are in the right and everybody else is in the wrong, is a great protection. It leads you nowhere, because unless one moves through confusion clarity never comes.

Clarity is not certainty, certainty is not clarity. Certainty is a blind belief. The world has lived in certainty, but now that is no longer possible. That comfort is no longer available. The world has become smaller and smaller and smaller; it is a global village now. The Hindu has to know about the Christian - there is no way to avoid it - the Christian has to know about the Hindu. People can read, people can listen to the radio, can see the TV. People have become more capable of knowledge, and knowledge has exploded from everywhere. Now all this knowledge is creating confusion: who is right?

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