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Chapter 7: Snowflakes as Beautiful as These

So about this you have to decide: you have to drop time-consciousness. Simply forget about time; time is always available. It is not like money, it is like the sky - it is always available, you cannot exhaust it. So don’t run. You can sit at ease, you can relax, you can sit like a buddha. Look at the statue of Buddha, sitting as if there is no time. He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

It is said in one of the old Zen stories:

Once two monks were crossing a stream in a ferryboat; one was very old, the other was very very young. When they got off the ferryboat they asked the man who had brought them to this shore, “Will it be possible for us to reach the town where we are headed before the sun sets?” - because it was a hilly track and the sun was just going down; at the most they had one hour. They had to arrive before sunset because once the doors of the town were closed, then the whole night they would have to remain in the forest outside the town. And it was dangerous, wild animals were there. The ferryboat man said, “Yes, you can reach if you go slowly.”

The old man could understand because a certain wisdom happens in old age. Youth is always in a hurry. This is paradoxical. An old man should be in a hurry because time is short, but it is always the opposite. The young man is always in a hurry even though there is enough time, because this hurry comes from an inner energy - ignorance. An old man can understand.

The old man said, “Yes, I understand.”

But the young man said, “You are fools, you both. How can one reach if one goes slowly? I am not going to listen to this stupid nonsense!” He started running.

It was a hilly track, and he was in such a hurry that that which was to happen, happened. He fell down. He was hurt, wounded, all his things scattered. Then the old man caught up.because he was coming slowly. He looked at the young man - he was crippled, blood was flowing - and he said, “Now how will you be able to reach? You tried to reach quickly and now you cannot reach at all.”

It is said that the young man was devoured by wild beasts, but the old man reached by the time the sun was setting. He reached the door just in the nick of time and he entered the city.

This is a parable. In fact, the track is hilly. When you are moving towards the divine, the track is hilly. There are valleys and peaks and you can fall at any moment. The territory is dangerous and millions of wild animals are all around. You have to reach the gate before the gate closes. But if you run fast you will not be able to reach, because when you run fast you cannot be conscious.

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