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Chapter 10: When the Heart Is Ready the Guest Comes

Now, the government knows it, that boxing should be made a crime, something against the law. But it is not being done because boxing pays money to the people who manage it, it pays money to the government - and it seems that anything is legal if it brings money with it.

In the unconscious, the real values are not there because nobody has repressed the real values. Real values don’t need to be repressed because they are not against anybody, they do not do any harm to anybody. They are the qualities of love and compassion. But man has not experienced them, because they are above the conscious mind.

You have to go beyond your conscious mind to have some glimpse of the glorious world of real values - truth, sincerity, love, friendliness, compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, appreciation of beauty, grace. All those are lined up waiting for you.

But the society has put you in a struggle with the unconscious, forcing all your animal heritage into the unconscious; you have to go on continually forcing it down. It is not that once forced down, you are finished with it; it goes on coming up, it wants expression.

And you don’t have anything else in your life - creativity of any sort - in which your energy can be involved, so no energy is left for the unconscious to use. So it is a strange situation; all creative dimensions are closed.

The super-conscious is not talked about in your educational systems. The only thing talked about is your conscious mind, and that the only way to get any poisonous thing away from you is to throw it into the unconscious.

This whole strategy is wrong. That’s why human society has come to such a wrong situation, where people are living but not truly alive; they are almost like walking corpses. From the cradle to the grave they are simply dying every day, slowly, slowly. It is a long death, a seventy-year-long death. It cannot be called life - because no flower blossoms, no song arises, no beauty is created.

You do not enrich life. And remember it as a basic dictum: unless you enrich life, you don’t have it.

If you have life, you must enrich life; you must leave the world better than you found it. But right now it seems you will leave the world more dark, more gloomy, more sad, more miserable.

The old strategy has to be abandoned - absolutely abandoned, without any exception.

A few fundamentals have to be remembered. The unconscious has no way of releasing any content directly from itself. It has no doors, it is a basement. For anything to go out of it, it first has to come to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the door.

In the same way the super-conscious mind also has no doors. For anything to be expressed, it has to come to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is your ground floor; only from there can anything go out.

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