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Chapter 7: I Have Been Fooled!

Janak is saying that existence sometimes becomes green in a tree, sometimes becomes red in a roseflower, sometimes it is water, sometimes it is hills and mountains, sometimes moon and stars. These are all different manifestations of consciousness. Cloth is woven from thread, and you can weave many kinds of cloth from it - fine, thin cloth to wear in hot weather, thick to wear in the cold. You can weave all kinds of cloth from it: beautiful and ugly, for the rich and for the poor. You can create thousands of types of cloth from it.

Scientists say that the whole universe is made of one energy. Their name for energy is electricity. What difference does the name make? But one thing scientists agree with is that the whole universe is made of one thing. It is the myriad forms of that one thing. It is just as various gold ornaments are all made of gold. If they are melted down only gold will be left. The forms are various, but what the form is made of is identical.

Just as cloth when analyzed is nothing but thread, this universe when analyzed is nothing but the soul. Just as cloth is only thread, in exactly the same way this existence is woven from being. And certainly it is better to say “being” than to say “electricity” - because electricity is also a part of matter, and there is no possibility that consciousness can come from electricity. And if it is possible for consciousness to come from electricity, then it is meaningless to call electricity the source, because what can come from it must be hidden within it. Consciousness is visible, consciousness has become manifest. And what is manifest must also be hidden in the original, otherwise how did it appear? You planted a mango seed, a mango tree appeared. Mangoes grew on it. You planted a neem seed, and a neem tree appeared. Tiny neem pods started growing on it. That which appears, the fruit that is born, was already in the seed.

Consciousness is visible in the world, so consciousness does appear, various forms of consciousness appear - so consciousness must be hidden in the basic stuff of existence. Hence to say “electricity” is not right, it is more appropriate to say ‘being.’ Say “being-electricity,” but consciousness must be included in it. Whatsoever we see all around us must be hidden in the root.

Just as cloth when analyzed is nothing but thread, this universe when analyzed is nothing but the soul.
Just as sugar produced from sugarcane juice is wholly pervaded by it, the universe produced from me is permeated by me through and through.

Just as when you extract sugar from sugarcane, the sugarcane juice permeates the sugar, in the same way the divine permeates all consciousness, the divine permeates me, the divine permeates you, and you permeate the divine.

From the ignorance of the soul this world then appears.

Try to understand this. It is very significant. “From the ignorance of the soul the world appears, from knowing the soul it does not appear.” The gestalt changes, the way of seeing changes.