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Chapter 18: Be ready for Global Transformation

America talks about democracy, but it is simply talk. Underground, everything is dictatorial. We may never have known about it if we had not come here. With us, they are being so cunning, so diplomatic, so dictatorial, so undemocratic that soon they will realize their mistakes. The sooner they realize it the better, because this small commune is enough to expose them to the whole world.

They can’t do any harm to us, but we can make it clear to the whole world that the whole of American politics is a deception, a hypocrisy. And it is our experience. We are not speaking from the outside, we are speaking from inside. We are going to become the voice of America.

There is no question of any peaceful coexistence. Either they have to change us to their color, or we are going to change them to red. It is simple arithmetic: just prove your truth and we are ready and happily willing to be with you. But you are miserable, and certainly how can you absorb our laughter and our rejoicing? You will have to raise your consciousness to the same point as we are. Only then is the meeting possible. And to raise your consciousness, you will have to understand ways of raising it - who is going to teach you?

We could have done everything to help America to raise its consciousness, to become more meditative, to become an authentic democracy. And there is their fear - that this small group of people is dangerous, far more dangerous than all their nuclear weapons. This small group is going to be exposing their misery to them, their utter degradation, their inhumanity, their hypocrisy. Even without saying a word - our very existence and presence here, and they are trembling.

In a secret meeting the governor and the high officials of the state have decided to keep the army on alert: to reach Rajneeshpuram in, at the most, just three hours. You want us to live peacefully in coexistence with these people? They want to destroy us. They want to bring their army, their national guard. They want to kill us, and you want us to be peaceful and in coexistence with them?

We are not fools. If they can put their army on alert, we can manage many nations’ armies to be on alert, because this is simply inhuman. You are keeping your army on alert for people who have nothing? Then you don’t know us yet. Just a little bit and you are trembling; the moment you know us completely, you will simply die of shock. We can raise the whole world and its intelligentsia against the American government. We can raise all the American intellectuals, fair and democratic American people, American justice, judges, Supreme Court - and your Constitution happens to be on our side.

So be careful. If you want peace, then learn how to be peaceful. We are ready to teach; my whole commune consists of teachers. Any meditator who meditates becomes automatically a teacher, he can teach it to millions of people.

They should approach us. They should invite our people to their universities, to their parliaments, where they can teach meditation. We can be of immense spiritual help to America, and America needs it. And the world needs America to be really democratic, because this is the only hope. Otherwise countries are turning by and by towards dictatorship. They have to turn; there seems to be no other way for them.

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