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Chapter 27: Find Your Original Face

In Zen they say: find your original face, the face you had before you were born, or the face you will have when you are dead. What is that original face? - it is your consciousness. All your other faces are your mind.

Remember well that you don’t have one mind, you have multi-minds. Forget the concept that everyone has one mind. You don’t have one mind, you have many - a crowd, a multiplicity. You are poly-psychic. In the morning you have one mind, in the afternoon a different mind and in the evening still a different mind. Every single moment you have a different mind.

Mind is a flux: river-like, flowing, changing. Consciousness is eternal, one.

It is not one thing in the morning and different in the evening. It is not one thing when you are born and different when you die. It is one and the same, the eternal. Mind is a flux. A child has a childish mind, an old man has an old mind; but a child or an old man have the same consciousness, which is neither childish nor old. It cannot be.

Mind moves in time and consciousness lives in timelessness. They are not one. But we are identified with the mind. We go on saying, insisting, “My mind. I think this way. This is my thought. This is my ideology.” Because of this identification with the mind, you miss that which you really are.

Dissolve these links with the mind. Remember that your minds are not your own. They have been given to you by others: your parents, your society, your university. They have been given to you. Throw them away, remain with the simple consciousness that you are - pure consciousness, innocent.

This is how one moves from mind to meditation.

This is how one moves away from society, from the without to the within. This is how one moves from the man-made world, the maya, to the universal truth, existence.

This is what we are doing here: throwing away the mind.

When I insist “Go mad,” I am saying to you “Throw away the mind.” When I say “Pass through a catharsis,” I am saying “Throw away everything that society has given to you and remain only with that which you are - not given, but born with, your nature.”

Throw off all inhibitions, repressions, ideas, attitudes, concepts. Be simple, childlike, innocent, and then you have entered a different dimension. Then you can move into the world of the unknown. Mind belongs to the world of the known; truth is always unknown. That’s why truth cannot be known through mind. Mind means the past, and truth means the ever-present. That’s why you cannot approach the truth through the mind. Mind is the barrier, the only hindrance.

Now get ready for the morning meditation.