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Chapter 2: Neti Neti

So don’t misunderstand me. Use your ego, but use it just like you use your shoes and your umbrella and your clothes. When it is raining, use the umbrella, but don’t go on carrying it unnecessarily. And don’t go to bed with the umbrella, and don’t be afraid that in a dream it may rain.. The umbrella has a utility, so use it when it is needed; but don’t become so identified with the umbrella that you cannot put it aside. Use the shoes, use the clothes, use the name - they arc all utilities, not realities.

In the world, when so many people are there, we need a few labels, a few symbols, just to demark, just to make sure who is who.

You ask me: “I know you want us all to rid ourselves of our egos and minds.” I am not saying to “get rid”; I am simply saying to be master of your minds. I am not telling you to be mindless; I am only saying: don’t just be minds - you are far more. Be consciousnesses! Then the mind becomes a small thing. You can use it whenever needed, and whenever not needed you can put it off.

I am using my mind when I am talking to you. The mind has to be used; there is no other way. But the moment I enter my room, then I don’t go on using it - there is no point. Then I am simply silent. With you I am using the language, the words, but when I am with myself there is no need for any language, for any words. When I am settled into myself and there is no question of communication, language disappears. Then there is a totally different kind of consciousness.

Right now my consciousness is flowing through the mind, using the mechanism of the mind to approach you. I can reach for you with my hand, but I am not the hand. And when I touch you with my hand, the hand is only a means; something else is touching you through the hand. The body has to be used, the mind has to be used, the ego, the language, and all kinds of things have to be used. And you are allowed to use them with only one condition: remain the master.

The fourth question

The other day you answered my question about loving three women. A few things have happened since then. In the first place, I missed you because I was not in the discourse but in the arms of the chosen one, which turned out to be a bad choice because she ran straight away and into the arms of somebody else after she realized that she was chosen. Then, in spite of this, the little commune has grown into five women now. One woman is hell, but what to say about five? But I have got a little help from my friends. For instance, Hamid has suggested I turn gay and has offered me a date with him. Vivek suggested that I wait until there are seven. But please, Osho, before I disappear into the seventh hell, I have already lost three kilos in weight. You offered to buy me out. Can’t we talk business now? I really mean it!

A preacher was listening to a young man confess his sins. In the middle of it he stopped him. “Wait a minute, young man,” he said, “you ain’t confessin’ - you are braggin’.”

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