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Chapter 23: Fun Is the Most Sacred Word

Just yesterday I received a letter from the president of the Atheist’s Association of America - she seems to be an old woman. She is very much impressed with my declaration that there is no God, that religion is dead, that man is mature enough and needs no religion, no God. So she has written in great praise: “You are the first man who has such courage. I would like to meet you. I want to come and share thoughts with you. I am an atheist, the founder of the atheist movement in America and in other countries, even in India.” She is the founder.

I told my secretary to write to the old woman and say that, “You are welcome to come, but you must be made aware of a few things. First I am not an atheist. If there is no God, the theist is as stupid as the atheist. Both are idiots, wasting their time on something which is not there. And the theist can be forgiven; at least he believes that God is there. You believe there is no God, and your whole life you have devoted to preaching that there is no God. What have you gained out of it? If there is no God - finished! Why should you be an atheist?”

Have you looked into the word “atheist”? It contains “theist”; it is only a reaction. Just think, if all theisms disappear, what will happen to atheists? They will have to die. They will lose all the excitement of denying God, because nobody is proposing the exists. I am not an atheist. The theist knows not, but believes. The atheist also knows not, but believes.

Have you really searched every nook and corner of existence and found that there is no God? Forget about every nook and corner of existence - have you searched within yourself? Your atheism is just an ideology, a negative belief. I am not an atheist, so you have to come here knowing perfectly well that I will not support you. Thirdly, I teach the state of no-mind, so there is no question of exchanging thoughts. If you are willing to exchange silence, I am ready.”

People are very strange: they move from one extreme into another extreme. If they drop fear of one thing, they will immediately catch hold of fear of something else. But they will not drop fear as such, for the simple reason that to drop fear as such means giving yourself total freedom. And total freedom is risky, it is dangerous; one does not know where it will lead. And freedom brings with it responsibility: only you are responsible, whatever you do. The man who fears God has a certain consolation that whatever happens, happens through the will of God; he is not responsible.

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