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Chapter 4: Miracles Don’t Happen

Unless that happens, you will be afraid of old age, because how can you avoid seeing the fact that you are wasting time and not living, and old age is coming and then you will not be able to live? How can you avoid seeing the fact that death is waiting there and every day it comes closer and closer and closer, and you have not lived yet? You are bound to be in deep anguish.

So if you ask me what to do, I will suggest the basic thing. And it is always a question of basics. Never be bothered by secondary things - because you can change them, but nothing will change. Change the basic.

For example, what is secondary.? “Why am I always afraid of being old? Show me how I can get rid of it.” The very question is out of fear. You want to “get rid of it,” not to understand, so of course you are going to become a victim of somebody or some ideology which can help you to get rid of it. I cannot help you to get rid of it. In fact that is the problem. I would like you to understand and change your life. It is not a question of getting rid of the problem; it is a question of getting rid of your mask, of your false persona - the way you have been trying to be and which is not a true way. You are not authentic. You are not sincere towards yourself. You have been betraying your being.

So if you ask - there are priests and philosophers and demagogues - if you go and ask them how to get rid of it, they will say, “The soul never ages. Don’t be worried. Just remember that you are the soul. It is the body; you are not the body.” They have consoled you. Maybe for a moment you feel good, but this is not going to help, this is not going to change you. Again tomorrow, out of the influence of the priest, you will be in the same boat.

And the beauty is that you never look at the priest: he himself is afraid. You never look at the philosopher: he himself is afraid.

I have heard:

The new vicar had been overworking and examination revealed that his lungs were gravely affected. The doctor told him that a long rest was absolutely essential. The vicar protested and said he could not possibly afford to leave his work.

“Well,” said the doctor, “you have the choice of Switzerland or heaven.”

The vicar walked the room for some time and then said, “You win, Switzerland it is.”

When it is a question of life and death, even the priest, the philosopher - people you go to ask - they have also not lived. More possibility is there that they have not lived even as much as you have lived; otherwise they could not be priests. To become a priest they have completely denied their life. To become monks, sadhus, mahatmas, they have completely denied their being and they have accepted whatsoever the society wanted them to be. They have agreed totally to it. They have disagreed with themselves, their own life energy, and they have agreed with false, foolish things - appreciation, respectability.

And you go and ask them! They are themselves trembling. Deep down they are themselves afraid. They and their disciples are all in the same boat.

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