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Chapter 22: You Are the Only Hope

But why did Jesus say, “Blessed are the poor”? He himself was poor, uneducated, uncultured. There was no way for him to rise higher in any hierarchy, to become richer, affluent, to have all the joys and comforts of life. It was not possible for him, he was not capable of it - and he saw millions of other people in the same boat. It was a self-consolation: Blessed are the poor. I wonder why he did not say, “Blessed are the poor carpenters”? He consoled himself, he consoled the poor people.

Do you know who was attracted to his teachings? - not a single man who was rich, educated, who was living life joyously. He attracted miserable people, poor people, starving people - and even they did not come in multitudes.

Those who came to Jesus, you can count on your fingers. But they were feeling great - this man has opened a door for their egos. This man is the only begotten son of God; they had to believe it, because unless they believed that he is the only begotten son of God, then what about his promises about paradise? They believed in him - not truly; they simply wanted a consolation, sympathy, and a hope that some day they will take revenge on the rich, on those who are enjoying life and its beauties.

Of course, it was not possible even for Jesus to give them those blessings here, now. They had to wait for death to come. Everything he promises is after death. You can see the strategy. Nobody comes back and says what there is after death. You can see the strategy. You can befool people: just keep them drugged about the future life after death. And those poor people, of course, wanted to live blissfully. They had failed here; now comes this man - a carpenter, Joseph’s son - and gives them a great hope, a promise.

But all those twelve apostles were simply idiots. Not a single one of them had enough intelligence to wonder what was happening. Jesus turns stones into bread, why can’t he turn all the mountains into great loaves of bread? He knows the secret, and once you know a secret, it is only a questions of using it on a bigger scale. There would have been nobody poor.

He changes water into wine - why not change all the oceans into wine? Nobody will feel thirsty ever again. He raises dead people from their graves. But why only one person? Why only Lazarus? In Jesus’ lifetime, many people must have died; he should have raised all of them. And if he can raise a person who has been dead for four years, he can raise a person who has been dead for four thousand years - Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel. He could have raised all the prophets, at least, back to life. But all these are stories invented to prove that this man is no ordinary man: he is a messiah, he has extraordinary powers.

I don’t claim any powers, extraordinary or ordinary. I am a simple human being. I don’t want to put myself on a high pedestal and condemn you all for your sins, curse you all for your sins, and bless only those few who have faith in me.

The same is true about other messengers of God, incarnations of God. For example, Krishna is a Hindu incarnation of God - not a partial incarnation, God has come in his wholeness on the earth to save it. Strange, nobody seems to be saved. In fact, Krishna was the cause of destroying the very backbone of India, because he forced his disciple and friend, Arjuna, into a war.

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