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Chapter 8: Only the Knower Is Left

First I told you that the content had disappeared, now I would like to tell you - because the more you get ready and receptive, the more I can tell you - that the container has also disappeared. Because the container is meaningful only with the content - without the content what is the meaning of the container? The content and the container are both not there. Something is, tremendously is, absolutely is, but there is no name to it. In love you call this space bhagwan, and in deep respect I also call it ‘bhagwan’.

Just the other night I was reading a letter in Current. The letter-writer asked me who appointed me as a bhagwan. Now, a bhagwan cannot be appointed. If somebody appoints somebody as a bhagwan then the appointer will be the bhagwan, not the appointed. It is a recognition, it is a realization. ‘Bhagwan’ simply means that all that we call worldly is no longer there - that’s all. The desire to possess, to be possessed, the desire to accumulate, the desire to cling, the desire to be, the libido, the lust for life, has disappeared. When this desire disappears. When the smoke of the desire disappears and only the flame remains in its purity, who is going to appoint? Who is there to appoint? It is not an appointment. Or, if you love the word very much, then I will say, “It is a self-appointment.” But that too is not very meaningful. It is a declaration.

The letter-writer wants me to say who. Nobody can decide who I am. This is my declaration. Only I know what has happened within me; nobody else can know it. Unless you also come to that state of being divine - the state is hiding behind you; any moment you become courageous enough to enter it, you can - then only will you recognize me, not before it.

I also call this space, in tremendous respect, bhagwan. The word bhagwan is very beautiful. The English word God is not as beautiful. “Bhagwan” simply means: the blessed one. That’s all. The blessed one. And I declare myself to be the blessed one. And I declare it only so that you can also gain heart and you can also strive for it; so that my presence can become a dream in you; so that my presence can invoke a journey in you; so that my presence can create a fire in you - a fire that will burn you, and through which you are going to be reborn true. A fire that is going to destroy you, annihilate you utterly, and yet out of it you will come absolutely new, with no identity, with no name, with no form.

I have declared myself a bhagwan because I would like you also to come to this recognition. You have forgotten the language. Somebody must exist in front of you as a reality, not as a concept, not as someone in the scriptures. Krishna exists in the Gita, Christ exists in the Bible - they may have been, they may not have been, nobody can be certain.

I am just here, confronting you. If you are courageous enough to open towards me, suddenly a sprout will start coming into being in your seed; you will start growing in an unknown dimension. To make that dimension available to you I declare myself a bhagwan. This is nobody else’s business.

But I can declare myself a bhagwan only because I am not. Only one who is not can call himself the blessed one.

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