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Chapter 21: The Greatest Misfit in the World

Here you don’t have to prove anything, and you don’t have to deserve anything. You don’t have to be worthy of anything. This is the way you are and everybody is in a tremendous, accepting, awareness. Just give it a little time.

“Is there such a state as doing your own thing, content and full of gratitude?”

Yes. That’s my whole approach towards life: “doing your own thing content and full of gratitude.” It is not an ego trip. It is your nature wanting to be left undisturbed.

And here we are not engaged in any kind of work which has to be forced on you. This place has to leave in you a memory of sheer enjoyment, of silence and beauty. And people who are non-interfering with you, are happy in your happiness. Nobody is jealous, nobody is competitive. Nobody is even comparing.

But it all depends on you.

I have created the space here.

Now how you use it, is up to you.

During the second world war, at the Russian front, an Italian and a German general are preparing an attack. When all the preparations are ready, and the attack is ready to be launched, the German general calls his servant: “Heinz, bring me my red coat.”

“What, a red coat?” says the Italian general surprised. “How come?”

“Well, during the battle I may be hurt; blood may be flowing, and my soldiers, seeing blood, might get demoralized. So I always wear a red coat during battle.”

“What a great idea,” says the Italian general and calls his servant.

“Giuseppe, quick, bring my brown trousers!”

I blew it today. One moment of unawareness feels like it wipes out those moments of awareness. While pruning in your garden I cut deeply into a living tree that I thought was dead. The very moment the ax made its death blow I knew, you knew, existence knew, I had taken life. Feeling guilt, fear, stupidity, I finished cutting the tree, carrying it out of your garden. Osho, I have cut thousands of trees and killed many, many animals in my life, but never before felt hurt as much as I did, and do, about this tree. Mukta is afraid you’ll cut off her head. Spare her head and cut mine, along with my unawareness. I’m sorry.

Anand Vibhavan, it is something tremendously beautiful that reverence for life is arising in you. But don’t feel any guilt, neither fear nor stupidity, because these are parasites. Just do one thing: become more alert and remember: before you cut another tree, make sure that it is dead.