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Chapter 24: A Few Leaves Are Enough

He said that a man who is blind is lost in a big palace that has one thousand doors, but nine hundred and ninety-nine are closed; only one door is open. The man is blind: he has to grope and find the door. Nine hundred and ninety-nine doors.he goes on searchinging; some door may be open. And finally he comes to the door that is open - but then suddenly he feels a strong desire to scratch his head. He starts scratching his head and passes the door. Again nine hundred and ninety-nine doors.and who knows what will happen next time when he comes to the one thousandth door? Just a stupid desire to scratch the head..

What Buddha was trying to say is that your problems are not very big. You are far bigger than your problems! Your intrinsic capacities are immense, incalculable. Your problems are utter trivia, but you are so much involved in those small problems that you cannot see beyond them.

But when you come closer to yourself you stand between two things. On one side is your whole past, which is nothing but a long, long history of stupidities.and your future, which is so close, so luminous, such a splendor that naturally a great urgency arises: how to get rid of this whole past? How to get rid of this mind? How to get rid of all these problems that have been torturing you, all these nightmares that you have been suffering, and take a quantum leap to reach to your very center, where no problem has ever entered, where no thought has ever arisen, where nothing is small and trivial, where everything is satyam shivam sunderam, where everything is nothing but pure truth and pure divineness and pure beauty.

And when you see it so close, another urgency also arises. Hearing me say that I am here only for you, there is a trembling fear. On the one hand, perhaps you may not be able to make it before I have to leave my body, and on the other hand, the feeling of urgency is not only for you, but for the whole of humanity too: are we going to spread the fragrance of enlightenment? Have we the capacity? Have we the courage to fight against the enormous ignorance all around?

You have as much power and as much capacity as any Jesus, any Socrates, any Gautam Buddha - because essentially we come from the same source, essentially we have the same potential.

But I can understand your feeling of urgency. My only suggestion is to avoid making this urgency a problem, otherwise this will be another trivia. Just be absolutely contented that you have come so close. Be contented that you can see what is trivia and what is significant. Be content that I am still with you and the phenomenon of transformation can happen in a split second.

Be content that if I can stand alone against the world, with all kinds of prejudices, you are also capable. You have to stand alone just to represent me. The day you will be able to stand alone against superstitions, prejudices, religions, politicians.that day will be a day of celebration for you, because you have represented me with your total being.

It is perfectly good to feel the urgency, but don’t try to find any shortcut or any secret because there is none. If there were some secrets I would have given them to you. I am in a deeper urgency than you are. If there were any shortcuts, do you think I am miserly - that I would not give them to you and that I will unnecessarily torture you on long, arduous paths when a shortcut is available?

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