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Chapter 7: Create a Context

Something drastic is needed, something radical is needed; not only medical treatment but something surgical. That is possible only if for fifteen years at least - that is the minimum limit - the country lives under a benevolent dictatorship. Then compulsory birth control can be imposed on the people. Otherwise their freedom to reproduce is going to create so many problems that no government can ever solve them. By the time you solve a few problems, thousands more people have arrived with all their problems. They don’t bring land with them, they don’t bring factories with them; they simply come empty-handed. And already millions of people are unemployed, half the country is starved.

This country can be happy only with a population of two hundred million. It is now reaching the limit of seven hundred million, and by the end of this century it will reach the highest peak: one billion. It will even defeat China, because China is under a dictatorial regime; they have been able to impose strict birth control. Right now they have more people, but by the end of this century India will be the most populated country in the world - and of course the most poor, the most hungry.

And when there is so much poverty, so much starvation, talking about democracy is all nonsense. It is like playing a beautiful song on the flute before a hungry man. The song is beautiful - I love the flute, I love the song - but to play the song before a hungry person is absurd, it is ridiculous.

The so-called Indian democracy only helps to increase its problems, to increase violence, because when people are hungry they become violent. When they are not even able to live as human beings, what can you expect from them? These communal riots and all the rape, murder, arson - these show that the animal is surfacing. You cannot expect the great quality of being human from hungry people - it is impossible.

This “democracy” helps only the politicians; hence I will be condemned by the politicians. Morarji Desai has already said yesterday in Rajkot that, “Osho should not be allowed in Gujarat, he should not be allowed in Kutch, because he is against democracy.”

Now just look at the statement: if it is a democracy then I can live anywhere, wherever I choose! You see the stupidity of the remark? - I should not be allowed to enter Gujarat.

That is what I am saying, that it is better to drop this empty word democracy. It is just a beautiful word borrowed from others. In fact, because India was under British rule, all the great Indian leaders were educated in England. They saw democracy working beautifully there, but in England it has a context of one thousand years. They came back to India, they had seen democracy functioning perfectly well. It can function in England, so they started imitating England, but where is the context here? India cannot be England so easily.

These thirty years have been sheer nonsense. India should think first about its own tradition, history, past, and in that context we should create a government. We cannot borrow a certain ideology from another context. Those trees cannot be transplanted into another climate so easily; first you have to change the climate.

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