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Chapter 10: The Inner Music

This happens to everybody - it happens in spite of you. If you look back you can remember a few moments.. And those will be the moments when you were relaxed, those will be the moments when there was no particular desire in your mind, when you were not worried, when you were not tense, when somehow you simply were.

Watch these sudden accidental moments minutely, because there is the secret key. That’s how the fundamentals of religion have been discovered: watching these sudden moments which come and go, and one never knows why they come and why they go; watching the context, the space in which they happen, people started trying to create that context.

If it happens in a relaxed state, when you are very loose, nontense, then you can create the context. You can relax. If it happens to you while swimming, then you can swim and create the context. If it happens to you while running.and it happens to different people in different ways. Many runners know it, that beyond a certain limit if you go on running, go on running, go on running, suddenly it happens - because man’s energies have three layers.

The first layer is only for day-to-day activities; it is a very thin layer. It is enough for your office, wife, children - the ordinary life. The second layer is for emergencies: your house is on fire; you may have been feeling very tired after the whole day’s work and you were coming home and hoping to have a good rest, and suddenly when you come home your house is on fire. Immediately, all fatigue disappears - you are no more tired. You have forgotten all about rest, and the whole night you try to put the fire out. And even after the whole night’s work, you are not tired. It was not the ordinary level of energy that worked - that was exhausted. The emergency layer started working.

And the third layer is deeper than that. If you go on and on. For example, if for one day, two days, three days, you go on working, then the emergency level will also be finished - and then you come in contact with the cosmic layer. And that is the source of life, and that is inexhaustible. And whenever you are in contact with it, tremendous joy starts overflowing in you.

It happens to joggers, to runners, to swimmers sometimes. First layer finished, then the second layer, and if you go on running the second is also finished - and the moment you are in contact with the third, tremendous ecstasy happens for no reason at all.

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