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Chapter 5: Love Gives Your Legs a Dance

So don’t start thinking about it as if it is a contradiction. That is the mind interfering into your meditation. You have to be very alert - mind is cunning. It tries in every way because it is very well trained by all the educational systems and by all the societies. The more a man’s mind is trained in being logical, the more he is accepted as a great intellectual. In fact, he has gone far away from existence with a very rare possibility of returning.

I make a difference between intellect and intelligence: intellect divides things into opposites; intelligence penetrates into opposites and creates bridges. Intellect makes walls; intelligence makes bridges. Meditation is the highest form of intelligence because it is the highest form of consciousness. You will come to such points more and more. This is just the beginning. Just say to the mind, “This is none of your business.”

Mind has to understand that you are no longer in its power and in its grip. Once the mind understands it - that you have moved into a totally different world of existence - not of mere thoughts which are soap bubbles - it starts interfering less and less. The day mind stops interfering, and even great contradictions like life and death are accepted totally as one without any doubt, you have arrived home.

This is a great experience on the path of meditation, but mind will try in every way to create doubt. Listen to existence and never to the mind, because the mind is a creation of the society. You have been trained by the society for years, so it has become very ingrained, but it has destroyed your purity, your clarity. Meditation is simply reclaiming your simplicity, your silence, your perceptivity - where all contradictions dissolve into each other, not as enemies but as friends.

I have heard.

A small child saw his father and mother making love - the window was just a little open. He could not believe that the father was torturing the mother. He rushed to his elder brother and he said, “What are you doing here? We have to do something, otherwise that brute, our father, he is going to kill our mother; he is sitting on her chest.”

The elder brother said, “Be quiet. They are not fighting. It is a kind of exercise.”

What else to say to the little brother.?

He said, “Exercise? You don’t understand the grave situation. I am going to my uncle.”

And the uncle said, “Come on. It is not exercise, it is just fooling around.”

He said, “It is very strange. Everybody is giving different answers and nobody is doing anything. And that poor woman, my mother is suffering under the weight of the heavyweight champion my father? Do something!”

The uncle said, “Don’t be worried; they are making love.”

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