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Chapter 14: A Singular Mess

That is why Anand Veda - who has asked this question - is in trouble. He must be seeking some security, some idea. He wants some idea to cling to; he wants a shelter to hide himself behind. He does not want to face the messy life - life as it is. He wants to prepare, he wants to be prepared to meet life with ideas, ideologies, concepts, philosophies. He wants to go to see God with a fully ready-made mind.

Otherwise God is messy. He is utterly chaos. To meet God unprepared is to disappear in him. But that is the only meeting, there is no other. If you are not ready to disappear into that chaos, you will not meet God. God is not a concept.

But you want a concept, you want a clear-cut philosophy so that you can depend on it and you can fight in the name of that philosophy and you can argue in the name of that philosophy.

Now it will be very difficult to argue for me. It is impossible to argue for me. You cannot. Anybody can see that my statements are contradictory - no great insight is needed to see that. Any stupid person can see that my statements are contradictory. Intelligence will be needed to see that my statements are not about truth, they are devices, designs, to destroy something in your mind. Great intelligence will be needed to see that.

I will not allow you ever to settle with me; you will have to move. Every day I will create and every day I will destroy. Sooner or later the understanding will dawn on you that there is no need to cling. Because you cling, it hurts when something is taken away again. So why cling in the first place? Not clinging is freedom.

These contradictory statements are not meant to be statements about truth - no, not at all. Truth cannot be said. Nobody has ever said it, nobody will ever say it. It is not possible. Truth cannot be confined to the word. And I am not saying the truth, I am simply creating a space in you - the space I call the unclinging, unattached mind, the contentless mind. Once that state is there you will know what truth is. I cannot say what truth is but I can create a device, a design, for you in which you will be able to see the truth.

When you listen to me, if you listen as if you are listening to a philosopher, you will miss me. If you listen to me as if you are listening to a theologian, then you will miss me. If you listen to me as if I am a logician, then you will miss me. I use logic only to destroy logic, I use words only to destroy words, I use scriptures only to destroy scriptures. The more silently, intelligently you listen to me, the more this fact will slowly, slowly become very, very clear to you. In that clarity there is vision; in that transparency, in that silence, when not a single idea is there in your mind about truth, truth comes in.

So these statements are contradictory. Contradiction and paradox is my design.

And I am not saying to you, “Do this, don’t do that.” That’s how you again create trouble for yourself. You listen to me with a deep desire to do something. So when you hear me saying “Do this” - or you interpret it as if I am saying “Do this” - you catch hold of it immediately; you start preparing to do it. And the next moment I say that it is wrong. Then you are at a loss. You were just ready to jump into an action and before you have even acted, it is no longer right.

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