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Chapter 8: Life Is beyond Your Control

Never think in terms of they and them; always think in terms of us and we. When I say that it is a family, I mean us. They, them, don’t exist. Merge more and more, and you will see that when you are ready to merge, you take one step and the group can take a thousand and one steps towards you. And the whole thing becomes so easy. Love makes everything so easy, because love knows no differences.


After the group I’m still troubled by a tension I’ve been having in my neck and upper arms.

It will settle soon. [Osho asks her to raise her arms above her head and to allow her energy to move as it wants. She raises her arms and makes no further movement.] Good.but you have to allow more; you are controlling. It seems that all your life you have been controlling, not allowing things to go wild; afraid of being wild. It is natural, that is how everybody is brought up.

My whole work is to destroy you completely so that the new becomes possible, because only when you vacate yourself is there space available for the new to come. Once you stop controlling you are possessed by something greater than you. And the fear of being possessed creates the trouble.

People become afraid of love, because in love you are possessed. People become afraid of meditation too. They become afraid of anything that goes deeper than their control, beyond their control. Life is beyond your control. You can enjoy it, but you cannot control it. You can live it, but you cannot control it. You can dance it, but you cannot control it. It controls you. Ordinarily we say that we breathe, and that’s not true - life breathes us. But we go on thinking ourselves as doers, and that creates the trouble.

You just sit here, and you, Asseema, come here. Watch how energy can be uncontrolled and wild.

[to Asseema] Just sit and close your eyes. Raise your hands and allow your energy to go wild. [Asseema sits in front of Osho for a minute quite still, then a trembling moves through her body and steadily builds to a strong waving movement that rises to a peak, and then falls away to a long slow “aaahhh”.]

Good. Come back in control.

[to the first woman] This way you have to allow, and then much will be possible. Energy is coming up and somehow you are controlling it. And this is the center from where the control starts. Below it is the unconscious mind; above it, the conscious mind. This is the center just in the middle, so a little control is possible there.

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