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Chapter 4: Asking the Experts

Science creates the attitude of fight; that’s why science has been very very destructive. Philosophers have failed, but they have not done any harm to anybody. They have failed so utterly they cannot do any harm. Science has been a success, and science has completely crippled life. Now, in all the countries where science has become very developed, it has become a menace. The whole ecology is suffering. Rivers and lakes are becoming dead, trees are dying. The earth itself is dying, on its deathbed. The whole atmosphere is poisoned. And there is panic in those who know, for there seems to be no possibility of stopping it - because who will stop it? Scientists themselves are impotent now. They have released the demon; now they don’t know how to put it back in the bottle again. And the politicians won’t allow them to put it back in the bottle.

Two types of mad people have joined together: the politicians and the scientists. The scientists go on supplying them with secrets and the politicians go on using those secrets in Hiroshima, in Nagasaki, and in everyday life. Technology is killing completely the whole of nature. Things are disappearing.because existence is a coherent whole: if you destroy one part of it, the whole is affected. Finally one day the whole system collapses. This is how it is happening.

Science has been a dagger driven into the back of nature. Philosophers have not done much harm - they cannot because they are absolute failures - but science has done much harm. Now the greatest enemy today is science. And why has it been so harmful? - because from the very beginning enmity has been at the base. Hatred, not love.enmity with life, not friendship. Science has created the idea in humanity that you are unaccepted guests here and you are not at home. You have to fight. From Darwin to Einstein they have been teaching survival of the fittest - as if life is just a struggle! The fact is otherwise, just the contrary. Life is a vast cooperation.

Prince Kropotkin is nearer to the truth than Charles Darwin. Prince Kropotkin says - and he is a religious man, a really religious man - he says that cooperation is the base of life, not struggle, and it is not a question of survival of the fittest, because if it is a question of the survival of the fittest, then might becomes right. It is not a question of survival of the fittest; most tender things also survive. Look at the flowers! They are not Adolf Hitlers, and they have survived. Look at the birds, the small birds, singing beautiful songs: they are not Genghis Khans and Alexanders, and they have survived. Life must be a deep cooperation - it is. Everything is cooperating; it is a cosmic whole, interdependent.

Look: the earth goes on feeding the tree, the sun goes on feeding the tree, the air goes on feeding the tree, and then a fruit is born. That fruit feeds you. It becomes your body, it circulates in your blood. It becomes your bones, it becomes your heart, it becomes your brain, it becomes the very marrow of your brain. Then one day you die. Insects start eating you. Then the insects die, they are reabsorbed in the earth. The trees start eating the earth. Again fruits will come. Your grandchildren will eat you in the fruits. Everything related, interrelated, connected. You have been eating your grandfathers, your grandmothers; they are again reabsorbed! You will be reabsorbed.

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