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Chapter 2: There Is No Limit to Consciousness

Just be precise and to the point.

Okay. I apologize. And I was made a little nervous because of all this [inaudible].

I understand.

I apologize.

A nervousness when one starts speaking, that I understand.

I also want to say - I also want to say that I have come here not so much first as a journalist but as a countryman, as an admirer, as a well-wisher.

I know.

.who has read a lot of your books.

I know, and I can see love, immense respect in your eyes.

One thing: everything has changed since your first interview. To me life is a permanent change; only change is unchanging, everything else changes. If you are alive you change, if you are dead, of course you cannot change. The moment you stop changing you have died. Many people die nearabout thirty years of age; then they may live fifty years more, but that is a posthumous life. I will live to the very last breath. I will go on changing, I will go on growing. There is no limit to it. There may be a limit to the sky, but there is no limit to the consciousness.

Secondly, you want [to know] what is my teaching. It is very simple. The essential core of my teaching is: no belief, no dogma, no creed, no religion, nothing borrowed. But only that which you have experienced has to be trusted; everything else has to be doubted. Just as other religions have their foundation in belief, I have my foundation in doubt. My foundation is exactly the foundation science has: doubt until you find something indubitable.

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