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Chapter 19: Natural Sex

Things were not going so well for Gilroy and Loretta when they went to bed together for the first time. Gilroy was working away hard, but Loretta was not responding at all. Finally in exasperation he asked her, “What is the matter?”

“It’s your organ,” Loretta replied, “I don’t think it is big enough.”

“Well,” Gilroy replied indignantly, “I did not think I would be playing in a cathedral.”

Misunderstanding.there is so much in the world. It creates confusion, it creates chaos, and when everybody has misunderstood something and you stand alone to make them understand, they feel offended. Not a single religious leader has logically condemned, refuted whatever I am saying, because they don’t have any logic. But they have been condemning me without refutation, and because they are all together in the same boat, naturally it seems that I am alone against the whole world. But what I am saying is a simple truth to understand.

You cannot bring sex in forcibly. Can you make a seven-year-old child potent enough to reproduce children? The very idea looks absurd. Sex comes on its own accord. It is a certain maturity of your body, of your chemistry, of your physiology that brings it at the age of twelve.

If the coming is not in your hands, the going is also not going to be in your hands. It will go at the age of forty-two without any problem. Just one thing has to be remembered: don’t be corrupted by your religions, don’t be corrupted by your scriptures, don’t be corrupted by your so-called saints. They are the most poisonous people on the earth. They have destroyed man in so many ways that their crimes are uncountable.

The greatest crime is to create a guilt against sex, because it keeps sex alive beyond its natural boundary. So even a person of seventy is still thinking of sex. In fact there is nothing else for him to think about. Retired, what can you do? You simply have to think about it and talk about it. Sex, which used to be a part of the physical body, has moved and become just cerebral, just in the mind. Even at the time of death, most people die with some sexual image floating in their minds. This is ugly, and the responsibility is on your so-called saints. Neither do they understand the psychology and the science of the transformation, nor do they care that what they are teaching is going to destroy people’s lives.

I teach you that when the sex energy is starting to function, allow it full support. At the age of nearabout eighteen or nineteen, man has his greatest sexual energy; that is the peak point. But your society prevents you: you have to go to college, you have to go to university, you have to come back after university - maybe twenty-five years old - and then you will have to be married.

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