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Chapter 1: A Rare Kind of Magic

A small boy was playing in the garden. He was a very small boy and was very much frightened of the large bulldog that occupied the yard next to his home.

One day, feeling rather adventurous, the little boy climbed the fence and the huge bulldog rushed up to him and licked his face. The boy began to scream and his mother arrived on the scene almost immediately.

“Did he bite you, darling?”

“No,” whimpered the little boy, “but he tasted me.”

If you are not ready to have a bite of Sufism you can at least taste it, and that’s what I am going to make available to you - a little taste. Once you have tasted even a drop of the nectar called Sufism you will become thirsty for more. For the first time you will start feeling a great appetite for God.

These talks cannot explain to you what Sufism is - because I am not a philosopher. I am not a theologian either. And I am not really talking on Sufism, I will be talking Sufism. If you are ready, if you are ready to go into this adventure, then you will attain to a taste of it. It is something that will start happening in your heart. It is something like a bud opening. You will start feeling a certain sensation in the heart - as if something is becoming alert, awake there; as if the heart has been asleep for long and now.the first glimmer of the morning - and there you will have the taste.

Sufism is a special kind of magic, a rare kind of magic. It can be transferred only from person to person, not from a book. It cannot be transferred by scriptures. It is also just like Zen - a transmission beyond words. The Sufis have a special word for it - they call it silsila. What Hindus call parampara, they call silsila. Silsila means a transfer from one heart to another heart, from one person to another person. It is a very, very personal religion.

You cannot have it without being related to an enlightened master - there is no other way. You can read all the literature that exists on Sufism and you will be lost in a jungle of words. Unless you find a guide, unless you fall in love with a guide, you will not have the taste.

I am ready to take you on this faraway journey if you are also courageous, adventurous. I hope you are - because only courageous people become attracted towards me. This place is not for cowards; this place is not for those so-called religious people; this place is not for so-called God-fearing people. This place is for those whom I call God-loving people. And they have a totally different quality. A God-fearing person never moves into the deeper realms of religion, he cannot - because of his fear.

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