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Chapter 20: The Rebel Has No Path

They were in a more difficult situation than Buddhists. At least Buddhists had no scriptures, so they managed a beautiful story: nothing was recorded because in his last incarnation Buddha would give the most refined version. Twenty-three times he had rehearsed, the twenty-fourth time he would come with absolute perfection. That time it would be recorded, the statues would be made, temples would be made. At least nothing was contrary to their imagination; they could manage, in the vacuum, to fill the gaps with imaginary buddhas.

But Hindus were in more difficulty. All their scriptures, without any exception, were talking about only ten. But they started writing new scriptures, without bothering that this was creating a tremendous contradiction. All the scriptures created by the Hindus after Buddha and Mahavira have twenty-four reincarnations of God. The number had to be equal!

These religions have not been teachers of truth. These religions have been just enslavers of humanity. They were trying to bring as many people into their herds as they could, because numbers bring power. And the cowards were ready to follow the herd, the crowd, because the cowards were feeling alone, afraid. This vast universe, and you are alone.nobody, not even a companion - utter silence of the skies, nobody to show you the path, nobody to give you guidance.

The rebel is the real spiritual being. He does not belong to any herd, he does not belong to any system; he does not belong to any organization, he does not belong to any philosophy. In simple, conclusive words, he does not borrow himself from others. He digs deep within himself and finds his own life juices, finds his own life sources.

What need is there of any path? You are already here - you exist, you are conscious. All that is needed for the basic search is given to you by existence itself.

Look within your consciousness and find the taste of it. Look within your life and find the eternity of it. Look within yourself and you will find the holiest, the most sacred temple is your own body - because it enshrines godliness, divineness, all that is beautiful, all that is truthful, all that is valuable.

You are asking, “What guides the rebel?”

That’s the beauty of the rebel - that he does not need a guide. He is his own guide, he is his own path, he is his own philosophy, he is his own future. It is a declaration that: “I am all that I need and existence is my home. I am not a stranger here.”

What is the path of devotion and does it have a place in your vision of the rebel?

Devotion is not a path. You don’t have to travel it. Devotion is a way of merging and melting into existence. It is not a pilgrimage; it is simply losing all the boundaries that divide you from existence - it is a love affair.

Love is not a path. Love is a merger with an individual, a deep intimacy of two hearts - so deep that the two hearts start dancing in the same harmony. Although the hearts are two, the harmony is one, the music is one, the dance is one.

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