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Chapter 19: The Promise of Paradise

But the story is that he is still trying, even after his death. This story was what he had said he was going to do on the last day before his death - that he would wait for you all. He cannot wait here anymore, he has already waited over his time. He should have been gone by now but, seeing your misery and your suffering, he somehow kept himself together; but it has become more and more impossible.

And he will have to leave you reluctantly, but he will wait for you on the other shore; he will not enter paradise - it is a promise. “So don’t forget that for you I will be standing there for centuries. But hurry, don’t let me down, and don’t let me wait too long.”

Enlightened people need not be actors; by their enlightenment they find that they are. There is no other alternative. They have to eat, although they know their being eats nothing; they have to breathe, although they know that only the body breathes, and they are not the body. They know that this body is going to die, yet they take every care of it. They are not antagonistic to their bodies, they have the same compassion for their bodies as they have for you.

But all this is, in a way, acting, because in the deepest part of their being they know that it can all be dropped this very moment - they need not carry it. They carry this burden because of you.with a great hope, perhaps somebody may listen to them, perhaps somebody may open his eyes and look into their eyes, perhaps somebody may be touched by their presence, and his life will start on a new journey - the journey that leads you to yourself.

I feel really confused. You just keep on telling me, in one way or the other, that I am a complete crackpot to be with Om; but there is still something so strong in me that wants to stay in this relationship.
If it brings me closer to enlightenment to be alone and without relationship, I am definitely not getting it. If it means that this relationship with Om is coming between you and me, it hurts too much to even feel it.
Is it that I want to be a perfect sannyasin? What is it that I am still not getting?

Latifa, the question is not what you are not getting, the question is that you are getting too many ideas of your own which have nothing to do with me. So let me tell you clearly and simply, that I’m not against any relationship; and particularly you and Om, who fit together so well. He’s a coconut, you are a crackpot - I will not disturb your relationship. Otherwise, the coconut will disturb somebody else, and the crackpot will disturb somebody else - two more persons will be disturbed.

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