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Chapter 11: That Explosion of Bliss

Do you see the point? The word master creates the idea of the disciple, the follower. How can there be a master without a disciple, a follower? But in the spiritual sense of the word master means mastery of oneself. It has no relationship with any following; it does not depend on the crowd. A master can be just alone.

I had started alone, and then slowly people started joining my caravan. I was really surprised - I am still surprised. Surprised, because how did these people recognize the fragrance, the flowering of self-mastery? They are not awake, but one thing is certain: they are not asleep either. Just the early morning hours.. You know, everybody knows, that you are awake and still pretending to sleep. You would have loved to sleep, but what to do?

I have never said that I am a master. It is something others have to understand. I am not like Jesus who goes on proclaiming himself to be the messenger of God, the only begotten son of God, and all that crap. Of course, it is Christian crap. I am not like Mohammed, who says “I am the messenger of God, and the last messenger. After me there is going to be no change in the message.” Did God die fourteen hundred years ago, when Mohammed declared, “I am the last prophet”?

I do not claim anything, and I am criticized for things which I have never claimed. I am not a prophet, I am not a messiah, I am not a messenger from any God - because there is no God. Yes, I am an alert, conscious, ordinary man.

The whole beauty is that I have not proclaimed anything, and still you have heard it. I have not said it, and you have understood it. I have not knocked on your doors, I have not tried to convince you about anything. I have never bothered about any respectability. I have just lived in my own way, according to my own consciousness.

I don’t claim that you are my followers. All followers are blind - only the blind need to follow. Without any claim on my side, millions of people around the world have come closer and closer to me. It is a miracle.

I don’t count Jesus as a man of miracles. Whatever are called his miracles are invented by the Christians. Secondly, even if he had done those miracles, they are third-rate. Making bread out of stones.. If this is true, there should not have been any Ethiopia. Half of the world would not be dying. If he can change a stone into bread, then why not change the whole Himalayas into a big bread? The secret is the same.

He turns water into wine. And I am always amazed - from Christian pulpits this is declared to be a great miracle. This is a crime! What about Jesus turning water into hashish, marijuana, LSD? He would be behind bars! Do you think wine is not of the same category? In fact, it is worse. LSD is far superior and less harmful.

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