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Chapter 4: Religion Is Individual Flowering

I see now that the question is an entry into my problem: How can I trust or come to love your authority?

I have no authority. You need not trust my authority. I’m just a person, a presence; I am not an authority. I am not proving anything to you, I am not arguing for something, I am not advocating any theory or philosophy, I am not trying to convince you about anything whatsoever.

I have no authority because I don’t belong to any tradition. Only traditions can have authority. A Hindu has authority - from the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita; the Mohammedan has authority from the Koran; the Christian has authority from the Bible, from the pope. Authority comes from tradition. I am non-traditional; I am not claiming any tradition, I am simply here on my own. I have no authority. I cannot say whatsoever I am saying is right because the Vedas also say it. I cannot quote, I cannot say that whatsoever I am saying is right, has to be right, because Jesus also says the same, Mohammed also says the same.

No, I am not taking any support from anybody else: whatsoever I am saying, I am saying. I know it that way. I have no other authority than myself. I am a presence, a person. You need not trust my authority; I am not an expert. I am a rebel - how can I have any authority? My own experience is all that I have. You can look into me, you can look into my eyes, you can feel me, you can drink me, and that will decide.

And this is not going to be a relationship between an authoritative person and one who has no authority. This is not going to be a relationship between a knower and the ignorant; this is not going to be a relationship between a teacher and a student, no. The professor in the university has the authority, and the student has to learn from him. He knows what is right and he knows what is wrong, and the student simply has to yield to him.

I am not in any way authoritative. I am here: I am a declaration, a revelation. You listen to me, you imbibe me, you drink me. If that very taste decides something, it’s okay; if it doesn’t decide, then I am not for you, you are not for me. Then say good-bye to me. Then there is no need to hang around here; it will be futile. It is a love affair. When you love a person you don’t ask for the authority. Love is mad, it is crazy.

I am here only for those courageous people who can be crazy with me. I exist for the eccentrics. I exist only for the very chosen few, the eccentrics: those who are ready to leave all the boundaries of safety and security, authority and scriptures and tradition; who are ready to go with me into the dark; who are ready to go with me and risk.

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