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Chapter 4: Kundalini Yoga: Returning to the Roots

The moment the life force is not being created, you feel ill. But when it is created, you again feel ill. The first illness is that of weakness, and the second illness is that of.that of an energy which has become a burden to you. You were not able to harmonize it, to make it creative, to make it blissful. You have created it and now you don’t know what to do with it, so you throw it off, just wash it off. And you are creating this! This is absurd, but this absurdity is ordinarily what we mean by human existence: constantly creating energy and it constantly becoming burdensome - and then you have to be relieved of it.

That’s why sex has become so important, so significant, because that is one of the greatest instruments to wash off energy, one of the greatest outlets. If a society becomes affluent, you have more sources through which energy can be created. Then you become more sexual because then you have to release more; this constant creating and throwing!

So if one is intelligent enough, sensitive enough, then one will feel the boredom, the absurdity of it, the whole meaninglessness of it. Then one will feel the purposelessness of life. Are you just an instrument for creating energy and throwing it off? Then what is the meaning? Then what is the need to exist at all? - just to be an instrument in which energy is created, a mechanical device in which energy is created and thrown off? So the more sensitive a person is, the more he will feel it - the meaninglessness of the totality of life as it is, as it is lived, as we know it.

Kundalini means to change this absurd situation into a meaningful one. The science of kundalini is one of the most subtle of sciences, because as far as physical sciences are concerned, they too are concerned with energy as such, but with material energy, not psychic energy. Yoga is concerned with psychic energy as such. It is a science of the metaphysical, of that which is transcendental to physics - the psychic energy.

This psychic energy can be creative or can be destructive. If it is not used it becomes destructive. If it is used it becomes creative. It can be used and it can be made creative. The way to make it creative is first to understand that you should not be partially realized. One part realized and the remaining, major, portion of your potential unrealized is not a situation which can be creative.

The whole must be realized. Your whole potential must be actualized. So there are methods to realize the remaining potential, to make it actual, to make it awake. It is sleeping just like a snake sleeping. That’s why it has been named “kundalini”: serpent power, a serpent sleeping.

If you have seen a serpent sleeping, it is just as if dead; there is no movement at all, and it is encircled. You cannot conceive that a serpent can stand, but a serpent can stand. It can stand on its tail, upright, straight; a serpent stands just as an energy. That’s why it has been used symbolically. Serpent power is used symbolically. Your life energy is encircled and asleep, but it can stand. And if it can be awake, with full potential actualized, you will be transformed.

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