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Chapter 12: Death: The Ultimate Orgasm

It is one thing that somebody has no biological urge, that his urge has moved into higher realms of creativity. Then it is perfectly okay; he should be allowed to move that way. A poet may not feel like reproducing children. His poetry is enough, more than enough: he feels fulfilled. His biology has taken a new way, but his poetry will live, will have its own life. He has poured his life into it, just as a painter or a musician can pour his life into his music, into his dance, into his painting, and may not feel any biological urge. But he is not against biology, his energy is simply moving in a higher dimension. Then I say okay to it.

But what are your monks doing in the monasteries? What are your nuns doing in the nunneries? In all the religions, they are not creative people at all. They are the most uncreative on the earth for the simple reason that the only creativity they knew was biology. Below biology there is no creative possibility; biology is the bottom. You can move upwards but you cannot go downwards.

Once your biological reproduction is prohibited you are just a fossil, a dead person; you have a posthumous life. You have died already, because the moment your creative energy is prevented you cannot live. Living means creativity.

Even animals are living more than your monks. Trees are living more than your monks - at least they produce some flowers, some fruits. What do your monks produce? They simply go on repeating the Bible. It has already been produced. Keep it in the library, keep it in the museum, read it in the university - but every day, go on repeating it like a parrot. Do you think these people are, in any way, living?

There are monasteries where once you enter, then you never come out till you are dead. What does that signify? In fact you died the day you entered that monastery. You are cut off from life. You are not allowed to enjoy food because that is part of life. Religions teach that you should not be interested in food, in taste.

In India many religions teach how to destroy the taste of the food before you eat it. There are many traditions in India where the monk will beg and put all kinds of things in one begging bowl, because he is not allowed to beg from just one house. And even if he begs from just one house, then in one begging bowl sweet things are there, salty things are there, all kinds of spices are there, rice is there, all kinds of dals are there; and they all get mixed up. But that is not enough! First the monk should go to the river and dip the whole begging bowl in the river - they don’t take any chances - and then mix everything.and then enjoy it! Have a nice lunch, dinner, or whatever you call it.

In fact, once it happened: I was sitting on the bank of my village river, and a monk whom I knew - he used to beg from my house too, and he was very friendly with my father, and they used to chitchat - was doing this horrible thing of dipping his begging bowl.

I said to him, “Have you ever thought of one thing? The way you enjoy your food, even a buffalo would refuse it, a donkey would refuse it.”

He said, “What?”

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