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Chapter 1: Of the Famous Philosophers

He changes the focus towards the future. The future is open. All the possibilities are in your hands. You can create the superman and you can create a new humanity; you can create a paradise on this earth. Zarathustra loves this earth too much. He is not a renouncer of the world; he is in tremendous love with the trees, with the mountains, with the rivers, with the flowers, with the birds, with people.

In comparison to him, all other religions are condemnatory of this beautiful planet. They want you to think of heaven and paradise, which are only fictions. He is the first scientist as far as religion is concerned. He wants you to be a realist - this is the only planet we have, and this is the only time we have, and this is the only life we have. Now it is up to us what we make of it. You can make it a beautiful song, a glorious experience, a golden ecstasy. You can be the creators. And the greatest creation of yours will be the creation of God - the creation of the superman.

He is not a philosopher, he is an alchemist. He does not believe in God but he believes in man. He does not believe in any paradise but he believes in the earth. And he believes in the tremendous potential that the earth is carrying within it, and that human beings are carrying within themselves as seeds. They have not been growing because their minds have been looking backwards.

The philosophers, the religious priests, the theologians - they are all trying to keep you tied with the past. That way you remain tamed. You cannot rebel; you remain always afraid of committing a mistake, of committing a sin. You always remain obedient, because those who are obedient will be saved, and those who are not will be thrown into hell to suffer forever. Your fear and greed have been used to destroy you, to exploit you.

Zarathustra will not have anything to do with all these vested interests; his only concern is that man becomes a creator of values. And rather than looking backwards, where he cannot go, he starts looking forwards, where many dimensions are open, many doors are open - he can choose. Slaves cannot be choosers; only masters can be choosers. Slaves can only be beggars. All the religions have reduced humanity into beggars. They call it prayer, they call it worship - beautiful names to hide an ugly reality.

Zarathustra wants you to be creators, not beggars. And you can be creators only if you look forward, and you go on dropping the past and the dead. Carrying dead corpses is dangerous. To remain surrounded with dead corpses is dangerous, because they can poison your life - they have poisoned your life.

Remain with the one that is going to happen and has not happened yet, and it will keep you young and fresh. It will keep you excited, enthusiastic; it will keep you always going for a new journey, for a new pilgrimage - because there is no end to life, there is no end to time. An infinity of life and an infinity of time is available to you. You can create God within your own soul. But Zarathustra’s name for that God is the superman. I think it is better, because with God there are ugly associations. Whatever you do, somehow God slips back and becomes past. It is very difficult to put him in the future.

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