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Chapter 9: Society’s Justice Is Revenge

In the jail he becomes more and more of an expert. He is no longer an amateur - the first time he was an amateur. In jail, which should almost be named a university for crimes, a teaching school, a productive field for criminals.in jail he learns that it is not the crime that is punished, it is being caught that is punished. Don’t be caught, and you have not committed the crime. There are senior experts in the jail; they teach the novice, they initiate him into the secrets of the criminal world. Each time he comes out of the jail, he is more mature as far as crime is concerned.

But perhaps the old humanity was not interested in removing crime completely. It was only interested in punishing the disobedient, the misfit - those who wanted to go their own way, those who did not want to become a cog in the wheel, those who had a certain individuality. There was no other avenue open for them except crime. Crime was their sort of rebellion.

The rebellious man and his world will look into the causes. No man is born as a criminal; every man is born as a sage, innocent. It is a certain kind of nurturing, a certain kind of society, a certain upbringing, that reduces him into a criminal.

The society of the rebels will remove the causes. For example, poverty will not be allowed on the earth. And once poverty is removed, almost fifty percent of crimes will be removed, and fifty percent of judges, fifty percent of courts, fifty percent of law enforcement authorities, and fifty percent of laws - just by removing poverty.

Secondly, now science is absolutely certain that there are crimes which are hereditary. You are unnecessarily punishing a person - he needs sympathy, not punishment. For example, a rapist.in a Mohammedan country this crime is thought to be so serious that death is the only punishment. But rape can be removed completely.

In any aboriginal society rape does not exist because young children, the moment they become aware of their sexual energy and the upsurge of sensuality, are not allowed to live in their parents’ houses. They have a hall in the village; all the young people live in that hall. They come in contact with all kinds of girls and all kinds of boys; they are allowed absolute sexual freedom, with only one condition - which seems to be very significant - that you can be with a girlfriend or a boyfriend for only three days; then you have to change.

This gives a chance for everybody to experience everybody else, and also it gives an immense opportunity to drop jealousy. It is absolutely impossible to be jealous because your girlfriend is now moving with somebody else. There is no fixed relationship; only for three days can you be together, then you move on, you change.

By the time they are of marriageable age, they are so experienced with every girl of the tribe and every boy of the tribe that they can choose the right partner; the one with whom they are in the most harmonious relationship. Strangely enough, in such a licentious society there is no rape - it has never been recorded in the whole history of mankind - and there is no divorce either. They have found the right person because they have been given the opportunity. Their love goes on growing, their harmony becomes richer and richer each day.

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