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Chapter 7: Preparing for the Last World War

Your population goes on growing, your land goes on becoming more barren, your water supply is becoming less and less, and because forests have been cut, the rivers that go through Nepal to Bangladesh are creating, every year, such floods as have never been seen before. Thousands of people are dying, thousands of villages simply disappear - because those thick trees were making the rivers flow slowly. Now that there are no trees, the rivers come with such force that the ocean is not ready to absorb that much water so quickly. The water starts returning and that returning water creates the floods that happen in Bangladesh.

Neither Indian politicians nor Nepalese politicians are ready to stop cutting the trees. Nobody is interested in human life. Nobody is interested in finding out what our priority should be.

A poor country like India has so many newspapers, so many magazines, which are absolutely unnecessary. And that newsprint paper does not grow in the fields, does not fall from the sky; you have to cut trees. Trees that have taken one hundred fifty years, two hundred years to grow, disappear. And what do you gain from your newspapers?

Politicians are the real criminals - not the criminals who are in your jails. It would be a far better world if there was an exchange: all the politicians in the jails, and all the criminals in the politician’s positions - they would prove more human.

The politicians go on hiding facts as long as possible, as if by hiding facts you can change anything.

Now many countries are not declaring how many homosexuals they have. Families are not declaring that the person who has died, has died from AIDS. They are bribing doctors to get certificates that he has died of a heart attack, or of cancer - because the family is more worried about its respectability, about what people will think: “Somebody has died of AIDS in your family?”

But hiding the fact means.that man had a wife; he may have transferred the disease to the wife and if there are children, they may be born with the disease - and nobody will know it and they will go on spreading it all around.

The disease is not an ordinary sexual disease - anything that comes out of your body, even your tears, carries the virus. If a child is crying, and just out of kindness and compassion you wipe the tears of the child, there is a danger you may be getting AIDS. Saliva carries the virus, and the whole of humanity is being kept in darkness: kissing should be stopped now - completely!

There is only one small part of humanity - the people who live in Siberia, the Eskimos - they are the only people in the whole of history who have never kissed. And when for the first time they saw Christian missionaries kissing, they could not believe it: “How dirty these people are, mixing saliva with each other! Are they human beings or some kind of monsters?”

Their way is far more scientific and far more hygienic. They don’t kiss just to show love - because it can be not love, but death - they rub noses with each other; that looks very clean, unless you have a cold.

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