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Chapter 27: Close Your Eyes and Find Me

If you look at things.for example, Adolf Hitler: you will find many good things that he did. The superhighway that he has created across Germany is the only superhighway in the whole world of its kind. It is straight - few curves, few turnings; hence, you can go at any speed, there is no problem. He changed the old pattern of crossroads; there are no crossroads because that delays the speed. Roads meet, but first they run by the side of the road and slowly slowly merge with the road. So there are no crossroads. You can go very easily one hundred and twenty, one hundred and fifty miles an hour.

You can say he has done a great work - but the same man killed ten million people in the world. A person who wants to see the wholeness of any situation has to look from all sides, from all angles.

Sheela has done a few good things. She has made houses - but anybody could have done that, and in a far better way, not making you slave workers. She has made roads, which cannot be said to be very great, nothing to be compared with Adolf Hitler’s superhighway. She was managing sufficient food for you - but she was also poisoning three thousand street people for twenty-one days continuously through their food, to keep them drugged so that they could vote for her. She wanted to take over the county.

I have been insistent that sannyasins should not be in any way involved with politics. I am absolutely against politics. I want the world to be freed from politics - it is a cancer of the society. But because I was silent and in isolation and I had no information except whatever information she used to bring.. She had told me that it is a humanitarian job: to bring three thousand street people, to give them a feeling of being human beings, homes respect, food, clothes.. I said if you have surplus money, you can do it.

But as I came out of my silence, the reality was totally different. Those people were brought from all over America just to take over the county. What business is it of ours to take over the county? We are not here for any political end. We are here to enter into the mystery of life. Politics is for third-rate, retarded people. It is not for geniuses, not for intelligent people, not for creative people but for egoists - the people who want power over others.

So I would like to say to you, first look at the whole picture, all the sides of it, before you say anything.

That’s why I say you are certainly crazy.

I am so touched and overwhelmed by your total love towards us, and I feel hurt and ashamed when I see how we go on asking stupid questions, making complaints, and throwing responsibility on you.
I don’t have enough words to express how much I love you, how much I feel thankful to you. I am afraid you’re going to leave us because we’re not ripe enough. But please, Osho, forgive us and stay with us longer. It is not everybody who doesn’t take responsibility. Not everybody dropped the mala, not everybody stopped working. I trust you more than ever, and I want to be with you, whatever happens.

I know. There are only a very few idiots, but idiots have a quality of pulling people downwards to their own state.

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