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Chapter 17: Existence Has No Hurry

They cannot crucify me that easily - this is the slight change. They may prevent me from coming into a country, they may prevent me from staying in a country, they may arrest me and throw me out of a country, they may destroy my communes. They may in every way harass my people, but still they cannot crucify me. A slight change has happened: they feel ashamed.

They would have liked to; still deep down they would have liked to. That have been simpler. Rather than all the parliaments of the world deciding against me, every government informing other governments.why make it such a complex thing? But they feel that if I am crucified they will not be able to feel light or unburdened or relieved; in fact they may feel guilty.

These are the changes that in the long run will help man, but the credit goes to those few people who sacrificed everything, sacrificed their lives in the service of this humanity. And this humanity has paid them back with crucifixion and poison and stoned them to death. Still they died with a smile.

Mansoor’s crucifixion is remarkable, and it was far more barbarous than Jesus’ crucifixion because they cut off each of his limbs slowly. They cut off his legs, they cut off his hands, they took out his eyes. They tortured him as no man has ever been tortured, and still he smiled.

And one man in the crowd asked, “Mansoor, why are you smiling?”

And he said, “I am smiling because these people are killing a person who was trying to give them more life, more light. But these people are strange - they are killing their own friend. And I am also smiling because they don’t know that by destroying my body they cannot destroy me. They are killing somebody else! So Mansoor is laughing.”

And while all this was going on - people were throwing stones, rotten eggs, just to humiliate Mansoor - his own master, Junnaid, was present in the crowd. And just so that he was not thought not to be with the crowd, he also threw something - a flower.

He knew Mansoor - he was his disciple - and he knew he was right. Junnaid had been telling him, “You are right, but don’t say it. Don’t declare: ‘I myself am the ultimate truth,’ that ‘There is no other God,’ that, ‘Everybody is carrying his god within himself.’ Don’t say it! I know it, but I have remained quiet because my master said, ‘Keep your mouth shut; otherwise they will simply kill you. So what is the point?’”

Mansoor said, “I have been trying not to say it, but what to do? People ask questions and I forget, and what is real comes out.”

Junnaid was sad. So he was serving two purposes by throwing a beautiful rose. Firstly, so the masses would think that he is also throwing stones or rotten eggs - in that crowd who knows what is thrown by whom? Secondly, Mansoor will be able to understand that a roseflower has hit his face - that cannot be from anybody else than his master. Only he can understand.

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