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Chapter 27: War Is Meaningless

There is a great difference. Being addicted to my words is just intellectual. Being in love with me is total. Being in love with me is not a conviction, it is an experience. Being in love with my words, somebody can destroy it very easily - just a little better argument, and the person is finished.

But a person who is in love with me, nothing can disturb him. His trust is not based on any argument: it is not philosophical, it is existential.

But both kinds of people draw sustenance from you. One may draw sustenance from his love for you; some may draw sustenance from their love for what you are saying. Why do you want to make a distinction between these two kinds of people? Why do you think one kind of lover is less important than the other and needs to be dropped off?

He is not only less important, he is absolutely wrong. His approach toward me is wrong, and what he is doing with my words - creating certain belief systems, creating some philosophy, some ideology, which is going to prevent him from knowing himself.

My whole work is to help people to know themselves, and those who become addicted to the words are creating a hindrance for themselves. It does not matter whether they are Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan or addicted to my words - it is the same thing. They are hung up in their heads. And the reality is somewhere far deeper, where no word has ever entered, and no word can ever enter. It is in your uttermost silence, in your meditative, peaceful serenity.

So it is not a question only of difference, or degrees; they are polar opposites. Those are the wrong people - unnecessarily wasting their time here.

But does a master choose his flock? In any religion of the world, or any beliefs of the world, or any faith in the world, does the master ever choose his flock? He says what he has to say, he leads the way, shows the way, or even doesn’t do that - he lives his own life, and by his example, people follow him. How does it matter to him who follows him?

I am not a leader, so nobody is allowed to follow me. They are my fellow travelers, they are my friends, and I am absolutely certain who should be my friend.

Followers - who cares! Flocks - who cares! Crowds - who cares! These are individuals - I care. And I don’t want any wrong person, for any wrong motive, to waste his time. It is not harming me, he is harming himself. It is out of compassion that I want him to be released.

And they went away. The device worked perfectly well: they went away and new people have come in their place. While I was silent, they became sannyasins. Their approach is totally different; their search is different.

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