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Chapter 23: The Moon Gathers Up the Ten Thousand Waters

Questions you have many; that is not going to help - unless all your questions are together and create a quest in you. When your life becomes a quest, when it has a direction, it starts moving towards fulfillment. Then it will have crystallization. Crystallization means: slowly slowly you become one piece, slowly slowly individuation arises in you. And the ultimate realization of truth is nothing but the ultimate realization of unity within your being. That is the meaning of the word God. God is not there somewhere in the heavens, waiting for you. God is waiting within you, but you can find him only if you are one - because only the one can find the one.

Remember the famous words of the great mystic, Plotinus: “Flight of the alone to the alone.” First you have to become alone. That’s what I was saying yesterday to Amrito: become alone. Alone means: become all one. This aloneness, or all-oneness, this inner unity, releases immense power because all dissipation stops. You stop leaking. The ordinary man is like an earthen pot which is leaking from everywhere, has many holes in it: you can go on filling it again and again, but again and again you will find it is empty. Your effort will not bring any fruition; first the holes have to be stopped.

Think of your life as a great occasion to become one. Once you start moving in one direction - you pull yourself together - something in you starts settling, a center arises. And that center is the door to God.

These sutras are of immense value. They are very mysterious too, because when one starts imparting truth one has to use the language of poetry, parable, mystery. There is no other way. The language of mathematics is inadequate; one has to be very metaphorical.

Before we enter into the sutras, listen to this small story.

The great Zen Master, Nansen, was getting very old and was waiting for his successor to arrive. In fact, he was ready to leave the body but was just hanging around for the successor to come so he could transfer whatsoever he had attained, so he could give the key.

Now he had many disciples, so it looks very strange. He had thousands of disciples: why could he not give his key to one of these thousands of disciples? He had great scholars around him - very skillful, very logical, efficient, intellectual - but he had to wait. These people were able to understand logic but they were not able to understand love. And love speaks a totally different language. These people were capable of understanding mathematics but were absolutely incapable of understanding the language of metaphor. These people were perfectly able to understand prose but were not available to the mysteries of poetry - so he had to wait.

He was lying down on his bed in his chamber, sick, old, and hanging around the old body somehow, managing somehow. It was on that day that for the first time he saw his successor, Joshu, coming into the room. His very coming.not a single word had been uttered. Neither had the Master spoken nor the disciple, the future disciple. He was a stranger, but the way he entered the room was enough.

The Master asked him, “Where have you come from?”

For days the Master had not spoken: he was so sick, so old, he was preserving his energy in every way. He was not even speaking. After many days, these were his first words - to Joshu, “Where have you come from?”

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