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Chapter 22: My Experience Is of the Wordless

Secondly, you are asking, “According to my dictionary a cult is ‘a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious’ - ‘spurious’ meaning ‘of illegitimate birth, bastard.’

“Is it not true to say that the real spirit of religiousness can never be anything but unorthodox; and will always be inspired by a love union, rather than born out of a legalized contract?”

In Germany my sannyasins have been fighting in two courts against the German parliament, because in the parliament they go on using the word cult for my people. Christianity is a religion; my people are not religious, they are only a cult, unorthodox, spurious. In two courts we have won the case, that the parliament has no right to use a word in a derogatory sense and the courts have accepted that the word cult should not be used for us. They can use “a new religious movement” but not “cult.”

Still the parliament goes on calling it a “cult.”

I would like to tell to my people not only in Germany, but all over the world: Don’t desire to be called to be a religion. “Religion” is derogatory! Why be bothered by dictionaries? Why not listen to your own experience?

We are not a religion. We are certainly not an organization, orthodox or unorthodox. We are simply a gathering of individuals, respecting each other’s freedom.

Christians have been using the word cult against all those religions which they think are not right. Every religion in the world thinks that truth, rightness, is their monopoly. If you are not part of their crowd you cannot be religious, truthful, sincere, honest; you lose all dignity in their eyes. Christianity thinks it is the only authentic religion.

In fact the truth is, it is born in the birth of Jesus Christ - it is the most spurious! Nothing can be more spurious than Christianity in all its forms. It is illegitimate - the very birth of Jesus is illegitimate. And who has ever heard.A “holy ghost” destroying the virginity of a poor young girl.and the claim of Jesus that, “I am the only begotten son of God.” It has no reason or rhyme in it. He cannot prove it logically. He is an ordinary carpenter’s son; he knows nothing about religiousness. He was born a Jew and he lived a Jew and he died a Jew. He was not aware that a great Christianity will be born because of his crucifixion.

It is not well founded either, not like Buddhism. Buddha has made it clear, step by step, how one can transform oneself. Christianity is just a compilation from twelve uneducated, illiterate disciples who became apostles. In the four gospels, if you look you can find enough religion to fill an ordinary postcard, because all are different versions of the same story. Four persons’ remembrance of the same Jesus, his crucifixion, his statements.

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