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Chapter 3: Belief Is a Barrier, Trust Is a Bridge

When Gautam Buddha spoke, many hearts started melting into him. The same words are written in the books; the Buddhist theologian is not speaking any other words, he is speaking the same words Buddha used - but nothing stirs in your heart. On the contrary, your head becomes interested; you start arguing for and against.

My strategy has never been used before. No master has been self-contradictory, and because they were not self-contradictory they have all failed. Although Buddha goes on saying, “Don’t believe in me,” that does not make any difference. When Buddha is gone, they need some substitute - a holy book, the Dhammapada, the Bible, the Koran - they need something substantial to hold on to. They will make a belief, they will make a theology, they will make a philosophy. And that’s how all the religions have slowly, slowly died.

By the time a religion becomes a theology, it is only a cult. Christianity is a cult, Hinduism is a cult, Buddhism is a cult. But the miracle of miracles is, they call my people a cult and I am managing things in such a way that whatsoever you do, you cannot make it a cult. Either it remains as religion or it disappears. It is better that it disappears than that it becomes a cult.

I am not going to leave any successor because we have seen what happens to successors. Two thousand years of popes coming and going.. If you want to find idiots in history, it is so easy - take the names of all the popes, because other names have disappeared. These popes are representing Jesus Christ, and because they are representing Jesus Christ they are infallible. I am not going to leave any successor behind me, because in the first place I, myself, am fallible. How can my representative be infallible?

I am not special, not holier-than-thou. I am not a messiah, not a prophet, just a simple, ordinary human being like you. You cannot manage with such a man to have anything like the whole history of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. They fall into the same pit, into the same darkness. And the basic reason is that their prophets and messiahs and their founders were trying hard to be consistent, because consistency has been thought to be of immense value. It is of immense value, but only for the head. No scientist can afford self-contradictions, he has to be consistent.

I am not a scientist. I am a mystic.

Science tries to demystify things. What does knowing everything about existence mean? In other words, it is demystifying existence.

I do just the opposite: I mystify the rose, I mystify the cloud. I mystify the sky, the stars. I mystify you. And remember, it is no mystification-that is bogus. I simply reveal your reality to you. And it is such a mystery.

I can afford contradictions, because I am not aiming at your head. My aim is somewhere else. You can ask, then why do I talk? I talk to keep your head engaged; meanwhile, my arrow goes directly to your heart. Continuously I am throwing arrows to your heart; but the head knows nothing about it, cannot know anything about it. They are not on talking terms either.

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