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Chapter 4: Be Assertive!

I have come across the news that the Dutch Government has made a commission of inquiry to investigate “impartially” about sects. Now, this is sheer stupidity! How can they inquire impartially? And the people, the majority of the people, who have been appointed to the commission are Christian Democrats. Now, how can Christians be impartial? and they call it “an inquiry into sects.” The very word sect is condemnatory. Christianity is a religion - and my sannyasins are a sect, a cult! That is the beginning of prejudice. Now, how do you define a cult or a sect?

When Jesus was alive, whatsoever he was teaching, and the people who were following him, were they a religion or a cult, a sect? Of course, in the eyes of the Jews - the established religion - it was a cult, a sect; it was not a religion. If it was religion, then Jesus could not have been crucified. A cult is something that takes you away from religion, that distracts you from the true religion, from the main path.

Jesus was a cult when he was alive. Now, how can Christianity be a religion? If in the source it is a cult, if the seed is the cult, how can the tree be religion? And when Jesus was alive, then it was a cult, and now he has been dead for two thousand years and around his corpse a religion has grown. When Buddha was alive it was a cult, a sect; now Buddhism is a religion. So what is the definition?

When the master is alive, when he is living, when the truth is breathing, then it is a cult - it has to be condemned. And when the master is dead.and with the master’s death the truth disappears, because truth needs an embodiment. It is an experience; it has to exist in the person who has realized it. When the person is no more, the truth is no more.

If Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Mohammed, while they are alive are only creating cults and sects, then the definition of religion is: the corpse of truth - rotten, stinking.

Jews were also very impartially inquiring about the phenomenon that Jesus was - very impartially. Hindus were inquiring into Buddha and his disciples very impartially. Now they are inquiring about me very impartial! And who are they to inquire? And why should they be worried? And not only are Christians worried - Hindus are worried, Mohammedans are worried, Jainas are worried, Buddhists are worried, Parsis, Sikhs. All the established religions are worried because I am taking away their sons and their daughters, and the fear is: “What is going to happen to our tradition?”

Tradition belongs to the past. Spirituality has no tradition, cannot have; it is against the fundamental law of existence. Tradition has no soul, how can it have spirituality? Science is a tradition because science depends on the past. If there had been no Newton, no Edison, no Rutherford, then there would have been no possibility for an Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein has to stand on the shoulders of the giants of the past. Take away Newton and Albert Einstein will fall flat on the ground! He cannot stand on his own. That’s what a tradition means: a continuity; it is a chain. If one link is missing, the chain is broken.

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