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Chapter 4: The Thread of Understanding

If you have heard.and I trust what you are saying, because without hearing it you would have said anything else, but not “I love you.” It is a dangerous thing too. It is almost like walking on the razor’s edge, because love ultimately means dissolving and melting and disappearing. It is not an ego trip; it is moving towards nothingness, nobodyness. It will not make you somebody special; it will make you absolutely ordinary, just like the trees and the bushes and the rivers and the mountains.

But be careful, because love is not a solid thing that you can possess. On the contrary, love is an energy. You can be possessed by it. And most of the people in the world have killed their love in the effort of possessing it. The moment you possess love, you have destroyed it, you have made it a thing. Then you can decorate your sitting room with a golden cage and a dead lovebird. If you want it to be alive, you have to disappear - you cannot exist together.

You have heard, “I love you;” soon the “I” will disappear, only love will remain, because with the “I” disappearing on the one hand, the “you” on the other hand also disappears. Hidden behind this message is still something more, and that is simply “love” - no “I,” no “thou.”

But people are so cunning.you cannot imagine. One of my sannyasins, Zareen, asked Swami Ajit Saraswati, who has been in contact with me for almost twenty years.. He was in the commune in America, and the day he departed from there, he promised me that he was simply going to spread my message.

But I have been here for so many days, and he has not been seen. Zareen was puzzled. She inquired of Ajit Saraswati when she met him, “Why are you not coming?” And this is how the cunning mind is: he said, “I love Osho. Osho is in my heart. There is no need to come to the ashram to see him.”

Is this the language of love? It is the cunning mind which does not want to accept the truth, that Ajit Saraswati has proved to be a coward. He is afraid of the Hindu chauvinists, of which Pune is full. Coming to me is risky, dangerous. It would have been far more credible if he had said the truth: I am a coward, and I cannot come because I am afraid of the society.

But instead of saying this, he says, “I love Osho so much. He is always in my heart” - that is why there is no need to come here. Then why does he go to his wife? - does he love her or not? Why does he go to his children? - does he love them or not? Why does he go to his friends? - is there any love, or not? Or am I the only exception?

Let him come one day - he will have to come - but I am not going to see him, because I love him so much. He is in my heart. Why should I see him? Even Zareen was shocked - the way he used the word love. Beautiful words can be destroyed by the cunning mind.

You have heard rightly, because I remember having heard it eight years ago. Now I am saying that you will also one day hear only love: no “I,” no “thou” - just an oceanic feeling of love overwhelming you, for all that lives, for the whole existence.

Unless love spreads its wings to the whole sky and covers all the stars, it remains imprisoned - an imprisoned splendor. Do not imprison your love, because that is your very spirit.

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