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Chapter 7: Lion Buddha

Philosophy as such is a very childish affair. Religion has maturity, but not philosophy. Philosophy is curiosity: curiosity without any worthiness to know. Questions raised in the hope of getting the answers. But even if the answers are given you will not be able to receive them, because there is no readiness on your part to receive them. The answers will only create new questions into the childish mind.

That has been the whole history of philosophical endeavor. For ten thousand years philosophy has raised great questions and has been greatly involved in finding the answers, but not a single answer has been found. No effort has been so futile as philosophy. Each answer that philosophers think they have arrived at, that they think is going to change the whole vision of man, simply creates more questions. Philosophy has not solved anything at all. It cannot. It is basically a movement in the wrong direction.

Mind can only raise questions, but cannot find the answers. Just as leaves grow on trees, questions grow in the mind. You can prune the leaves, but by pruning more leaves will be coming, the foliage will become thicker. You can prune the questions - that’s what philosophy goes on doing - but more questions will be arising because the source of the questions, the mind, remains intact, protected, secure.

To find the answer one has to go beyond the mind, and to go beyond the mind is the only maturity. You are really a grown-up person when you have gone beyond the mind. The buddhas are nothing but grown-up people, mature, ripe, integrated, and gone beyond the mind, gone to the other shore, the further shore.

From that height questions simply disappear. Not that they are solved, remember it. Questions are not solved when you go beyond mind. Going beyond mind you go beyond questions too. They become irrelevant, they look stupid, they lose all meaning, they are simply nonsense.

Not that you find answers but when questions are dissolved and you are in a state of questionless consciousness, this is the answer. Without any particular answer this is the answer, this is the solution.

Hence in the East we call it samadhi. Samadhi simply means the solution. All is solved, questions are dissolved. You are absolutely silent, with no curiosity, with nothing to ask. When you have nothing to ask, you know; and when you have something to ask, you do not know.

Yes, out of compassion buddhas go on answering your questions in the hope that sooner or later you will see the utter absurdity, ridiculousness of questions.

Existence simply is. It is not a question-answer thing, it is not a puzzle. It is a mystery to be experienced, lived, loved. You can sing it, you can dance it, but it is not a question. It is a quest, an adventure, an ecstatic adventure, an exploration. And when you enter into the mysterious without any curiosity, all the secrets of existence are available to you.

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