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Chapter 1: The Foundation of Meditation

Out of the many seeds scattered on the ground, only a few will grow into trees. There is this possibility in all of them: they could all sprout and grow into trees and each could in turn produce many more seeds. One small seed has the power, the potential to produce a whole forest; it contains the potential to cover the whole earth with trees. But it is also possible that the seed with this immense power and potential will be destroyed and that nothing will come out of it.

And this is only the capacity of a seed - man is capable of much more than this. One seed can create something so vast.. If a small stone can be used to create an atomic explosion.immense energy can be produced out of it. When someone experiences this fusion within his being, within his consciousness, this blossoming, this explosion, the energy and light are the experience of the divine. We don’t experience the divine from the outside. The energy that we produce through this explosion of consciousness, the growth, the flowering of our being, that energy itself is the divine. And you have a thirst for this energy: this is why I welcome you.

But it does not necessarily follow that just because you have come here that you have this thirst. It is possible that you are here merely as a spectator. It is possible that you are here out of some vague curiosity - but no doors can be opened through superficial curiosity, and no secrets will be revealed to mere spectators. In life, one has to pay for everything one receives, and much has to be sacrificed.

Curiosity is of no value; this is why curiosity will not get you anywhere. Curiosity will not help you to enter into meditation. What is needed is an essential thirst for freedom, not curiosity.

Last evening I was saying to someone that if you are near an oasis and you are dying of thirst, if your thirst is intense and you reach a state where you feel that soon you will die if you don’t get water, and if at that point someone offers you water but with the condition that after drinking the water you will die - that the price of the water will be your life - you will even be willing to accept this condition. When death is certain, then why not die with your thirst quenched?

If you carry this intense longing and hope within you, then under this tremendous pressure the seed within you will break open and start growing. The seed will not sprout on its own, it needs certain conditions. It needs much pressure, much warmth for its hard outer skin to crack and the tender sprout inside to grow. Each of us has this hard covering, and if we want to come out of it, just curiosity will not do. So remember this: if you are here simply out of curiosity you will leave with that curiosity, and nothing can be done to help you. And if you are here as a spectator you will leave as one, and nothing can be done for you.

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