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Chapter 2: Matter and Consciousness Are One

My understanding is that dance, in the beginning, was born out of meditation. I think everything that is significant in life has its origin in meditation. Meera did not have to go anywhere to learn dancing. People are mistaken if they think that Meera found truth through dancing, that Meera burst into dancing when she found truth. The fact is otherwise: no one finds truth through dancing, but a person can dance if he finds truth. What can a drop do but dance when a whole ocean enters into it? What can a beggar do but dance when he suddenly comes upon a treasure of infinite wealth?

But man has been so crushed and crippled by civilization that he cannot dance. My understanding is that if we want to make the world once again religious, it is necessary for man to regain his natural state of life - his spontaneity, his ease.

So when meditative energy arises and your whole being begins to dance, don’t obstruct your body, don’t suppress your body movements; otherwise all progress will be blocked, and whatever was going to happen, will not happen.

We are a fear-stricken people. We say, “If I begin to dance what will my wife, who is here, say? What will my son, who is sitting next to me, say?” We say, “If I dance what will my husband think of me? He will say that I have gone mad.” If this fear is there, no progress on the inner journey is possible.

Apart from body postures and gestures - asanas and mudras - many other things happen.

I know someone who is a thinker. He has visited any number of saints and sannyasins, monasteries and ashrams. He came to me about six months ago. He said that though he understood everything, nothing happened. I told him that it was he himself who did not allow things to happen. He became pensive on hearing that, and then said, “This had not occurred to me before. Perhaps you are right. But once I took part in a meditation led by you and I heard someone crying, which made me wary. I sat uptight lest I wept too. I was afraid of what people would say.”

I said to him, “What have you to do with other people? Who are these people who are after everybody? They will not save you from death when you come to death’s door. And they will not share your misery when you will be in misery. And they will not light your path when you lose it in the dark. But they rush to obstruct when your own lamp is about to be lit. Who are these people? Who is it who really blocks your way? It is none other than you. You turn your own fears into ‘other people.’ You project your own fears all around you.”

He said, “It is possible. But I was really afraid when I saw someone crying, and I became uptight lest something like that happened to me too.”

I told him, “Go to a solitary place for a month and let go of yourself, and let whatever happens happen.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

And I explained, “If you feel like uttering four letter words, do it. If you feel like shouting, crying and screaming, let it happen. If you feel like dancing, dance, and if you feel like running, then run. And in case you feel like going crazy, go really crazy for a month.”

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